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Amazon’s AutoRip Service Now Includes Vinyl Purchases

Back in January Amazon announced their new AutoRip service, which gives customers free digital copies of any and all physical music they buy on Amazon (at launch, that simply meant MP3s for CD purchases). Today, they’ve announced that AutoRip is extending its reach to vinyl. “Starting today, when customers purchase an AutoRip vinyl record, a digital copy of that music …

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Yahoo Strikes a Cross-Promotion Deal with Clear Channel

Yahoo struck another content deal yesterday. This time it’s with Clear Channel Communications and their iHeartRadio Network. The distribution and cross-promotion deal allows Yahoo access the to iHearRadio musical content to use as its digital radio service, and in return, ClearChannel, one of the biggest players in terrestrial radio, advances their digital presence. The partnership also offers Yahoo exclusive access …

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Indaba Music Launches a “Social Contest Suite”

Indaba Music bills itself as a leading community for independent musicians to show off their talents. The site, through its Opportunity Marketplace, hosts contests that involve composing or remixing music tracks. Indaba’s contest campaigns are designed to promote music brands and artists. The site boasts over 20 million “digital impressions” for each of its contest campaign programs. Today, Indaba is …

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Fort Atlantic Puts First Album On NES Cartridge

If you’re looking to break through the crowded indie rock scene with your first studio album, I’m going to say that it helps to release it on a freaking NES cartridge. “The idea to put together a Nintendo cartridge and make it a record came about when I was thinking about how other bands are releasing their music,” says frontman …

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Billboard Adding Digital Music Services To Chart

There is no doubt that digital music streaming is here to stay. In fact, there’s been no doubt for a couple of years now. Services like Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, and more draw millions of users who find digital streaming a better alternative to listening to traditional radio stations. Now it looks like Billboard is finally catching up to the digital …

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Judge Refuses To Stop Resale Of Digital Music

The “First Sale” doctrine may cover digital purchases if ReDigi has its way. CNET is reporting that U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan has denied EMI’s attempt to shut down ReDigi while the case goes to court. ReDigi is a Web site that allows users to sell the digital music on their computers. Judge Sullivan, however, is allowing the case to …

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Google Music Store Spotted In The Wild?

Here’s more proof of the imminent launch of the Google Music Store, which is Google’s rumored jump into the digital music selling business. Apparently, Android users that went to from their mobile browsers were greeted with a landing page that suggested they can “shop millions of songs in Android Market.” First noticed on German Android site newsondroid, the landing …

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Digital Music Sales Closing In On CDs

The majority of music sales still come from CDs, but digital music sales are making up an ever- greater share of the U.S. market, according to NPD MusicWatch.

CDs accounted for 65 percent of all music sold in the first half of 2009 compared to paid digital downloads, which comprised 35 percent of music sales. By comparison, paid digital music made up 20 percent of sales in 2007 growing to 30 percent of the music market last year.

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Digital Music Sales Up 25 Percent

The digital music business saw solid global expansion in 2008, growing by an estimated 25 percent to $3.7 billion, according to a report from the industry trade group IFPI.

Digital platforms now account for around 20 percent of recorded music sales, up from 15 percent in 2007. Despite this the music industry is still plagued by large amounts of unlicensed music distributed online. The IFPI estimates over 40 billion files were illegally shared in 2008, giving piracy a rate of about 95 percent.

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Digital Music Sales Reach New High In Canada

Sales of digital music in Canada increased in 2008, but were not enough to make up for the loss of physical album sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan Canada.

Overall album sales declined 8.5 percent compared to 2007, which shows that the digital growth did not offset the decline in physical sales during the year.

More than 40 million digital tracks were purchased in 2008 representing an increase of nearly 60 percent over 2007 compared to a 73 percent increase in 2007 over 2006.

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New Digital Music Service To Help Fight Aids In Africa

(RED), the nonprofit organisation co-founded by Bono, is starting a new digital music service (via NYT) in September that will contribute a share of profits to

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Room At The Top: Google CIO Exits

Douglas Merrill said farewell to the best job in the world, as he opted for a position with music label EMI.

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Michael Jackson’s Label Denies Beatles, iTunes Deal

Forget about The Beatles hitting the iTunes Music Store anytime soon, as the Jackson/Sony publishing company Sony/ATV dismissed the chatter coming from England trumpeting a deal.

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Digital Music Revenue To Reach $5 Billion

At the end of 2007 digital music revenue in the U.S. grew to $1.98 billion and will reach $5.34 billion by 2012, according to a new report from the Yankee Group, "US Digital Music Forecast: What Fate Awaits Record Labels?"

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Digital Music Sales Up 45%

Total overall music purchases were up in 2007, while album sales continued their decline according to Nielsen SoundScan’s year-end sales figures.

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Can Digital Sales Save The Music Industry?

Digital music spending in the U.S. will comprise over a third of consumer music purchases by 2012, but will not make up for lost CD sales during that time according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "US Music Forecast, 2007-2012."

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Napster Founder’s Snocap Melts

Shawn Fanning’s post-Napster endeavor has fared poorly, with layoffs and "For Sale" signs the order of the day.

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Microsoft Jams To MP3 Verdict Win

The patent battle between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent over digital music patents took a twist when a judge decided Microsoft won’t have to pay a $1.52 billion jury verdict.

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Labels to Sell Digital Music Directly to Fans

IODA, a digital distribution company for the independent music community, has announced a new service, which will allow independent record, labels to sell digital music directly to consumers on label and artist Web sites.

The company has partnered with DownloadCentric to offer the service to its label, distributor and artist clients. They will use the platform to create customized storefronts, which will facilitate direct-to- fan sales.

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EMI Considers Pulling the Plug on DRM

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter in which he criticized the major record labels for demanding stringent copy-protection technology that limits the flexibility of the music to be played across different device platforms.

Representatives from Warner have rebuffed Jobs’ assertion that the elimination of DRM would bolster the online music market, citing potential privacy concerns.

EMI, however, is rumored to be looking at ways to unlock the DRM on its musical catalogue.

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