Fort Atlantic Puts First Album On NES Cartridge

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If you're looking to break through the crowded indie rock scene with your first studio album, I'm going to say that it helps to release it on a freaking NES cartridge.

"The idea to put together a Nintendo cartridge and make it a record came about when I was thinking about how other bands are releasing their music," says frontman Jon Black. He says that no matter how you do it - CD, cassette, or 8-track (if you're going super retro), everything end up on your computer anyways.

So he just wanted to put out something unique, "that people wanna have."

So he decided to put his band Fort Atlantic's debut album on an NES cartridge. You obviously won't be able to stick it in your old system and play it, but it comes with a handy USB drive filled with the album, artwork, photos, are more.

Pre-orders began on April 19th, and it will run you $24.99. Supplies are limited (they're not kidding when they say limited). According to Engadget, there's only about 50 of them up for grabs, so you better hurry if you want one. If you don't get your hands on one of the cartridges, the album will be available on more traditional formats on May 29th.

Fort Atlantic isn't the first artist to put their music on a Nintendo cartridge, but that one worked a little differently.

What do you think? Would you pay to have this physical memento for an album? Let us know in the comments.

[Image courtesy Fort Atlantic]
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