Indaba Music Launches a "Social Contest Suite"

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Indaba Music bills itself as a leading community for independent musicians to show off their talents. The site, through its Opportunity Marketplace, hosts contests that involve composing or remixing music tracks. Indaba's contest campaigns are designed to promote music brands and artists. The site boasts over 20 million "digital impressions" for each of its contest campaign programs. Today, Indaba is announcing the launch of its "social contest suite," which is a music marketing platform with a "socially integrated music discovery product."

Indaba is aiming its new social integration at brands, which can use indaba to market their artists. The suite has linked indaba users up to Facebook through Facebook Connect and Open Graph. Some user actions on Indaba, such as voting and submitting, will show up in their News Feeds. Also, content in the Opportunity Marketplace is now embeddable, meaning brands can run contests from their own website through Indaba.

“A common challenge that our music industry and brand clients face is how to connect with a larger audience via digital marketing campaigns. Indaba Music’s Social Contest Suite provides marketers with a powerful engagement solution to create scale by leveraging social networks and the traffic of their own, branded properties,” said J.J. Rosen, CEO of Indaba Music. “With this launch we’re uniquely positioned to painlessly connect brands and record labels with musical talent to create custom, unique content that’s then amplified by millions of socially connected fans.”

The Indaba website features a board where musicians can post wanted ads for other musicians to collaborate with. Indaba also offers, for $5 per month, a digital storefront where artists can sell physical or digital copies of their music. For that price, 15 songs can also be distributed to iTunes. Artists keep all of the rights to their music under the program.