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The World’s Best Internet Marketing Software 2012 [Infographic] The World’s Best Internet Marketing Software 2012 [Infographic]
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Ever feel like the vast sea of internet companies is too large to keep track of and sift through to determine who is the the bet at what they do? Now days, if you want to be relevant, you have …

OgilvyOne Worldwide CEO Hails Digital Marketing
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Brian Fetherstonhaugh, the chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, gave a presentation at SES San Jose today titled "The Adaptive CMO: A New Paradigm for Digital Marketing."  In it, Fetherstonhaugh stressed that marketers do indeed need to get online.

Easy Digital Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation
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Growing your in-house database should be at the top of every marketers list. Why? When done correctly, it will house your most qualified and responsive prospects.  Though organic list growth may take time and effort, you will definitely see a high return on your investment.

Digital Marketing and ROI – Digital Marketing Choices
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“I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.”, John Wanamaker 1838 – 1922, founder of the first American department stores and 35th US Postmaster General.

Digital Marketing and ROI – The Rules Rewritten

All media is now digital. Holdouts which have not yet converted are desperately trying to figure out how to make the transition happen. As of February 2009, television signals will only be broadcast digitally; a leap necessitated by the immutable laws of physics, economics and government.