New Digg.com Extension For Google Chrome

New Digg.com Extension For Google Chrome

By Sarah Parrott October 10, 2013

This writer thinks it’s probably safe to assume that readers here at WebProNews have at least some interest in keeping up with current events. As such, most readers are probably familiar with Digg.com, an awesome news source for a variety …

Digg.com Suffers Under Regime Change

It seems all good things are corrupted or abused eventually. For Digg.com, habitually might be a better choice than eventually. SEOs, thanks to aggressive blackballing by the Digg “bury-brigade,” were perhaps the earliest and most blatantly ostracized group muscled out of the prevailing purist community there—no salesmen allowed. Marketers and PR flaks effectively excommunicated, internal drama is free is to ensue as “powerdiggers” are accused of setting up a Digg.com good ole boy network.

Couric Pings Digg Crowd For Questions
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Sporting a Digg t-shirt from her CBS News office chair, anchor Katie Couric addressed Digg.com from YouTube. She prodded the geek-chic crowd there for questions to ask at the Democratic National Convention.

Google Hearts Digg Rumors Resurface
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For the third time this year speculation has aroused around an impending sale of Digg.com to Google. Is the third time a charm? We may not know for a couple of weeks, but at least this latest round of slow-news-day maybes has a rumored letter of intent and a believe-it-or-not deadline.

Clinton Advisor Fights In YouTube War Room


Decide which is worse: Doctoring a video and posting it online to smear a political figure; or said political figure threatening libel suits against news organizations for even talking about it.

Luckily, he’s not up for election—well, not technically.

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

For a long time there’s been a certain amount of obsession among webmasters about building traffic—any traffic—for websites. But really, especially if you’re location-based, the focus should be on building the right traffic.

Of course, search takes center stage in that struggle, but more recently social media sites like Digg.com and BoingBoing have captured the imaginations of traffic-obsessed marketers. Here’s what many of them discover, though: traffic bursts from those sites do little for sales.

Digging The Read The Bills Act
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A bill, not written by Congress, requiring that US representatives actually read legislation before voting on it, under penalty of perjury, has been around a couple of years, but hasn’t received much attention. The authors of the bill aim to remedy that through an online viral campaign, leveraging the sudden power of social networking.

Internet Archive V. Shell: The Publicity Aftermath

After news of Suzanne Shell’s countersuit against Internet Archive surviving by the thread of one non-dismissed claim – the claim that Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine web crawler was guilty of breach of contract by ignoring the site’s terms of use – hit the cyber circuit, a real catfight hissed and scratched its way across the weekend.

You might call it a "flame war," in the traditional Internet sense, but that’s hardly accurate.

George Lucas Declares Trademark War On Digg

There’s no balance in the Force with the Digg.com around, says LucasFilms, who has filed a trademark complaint against the social news site. Diggers haven’t been this torn since they walked out of The Phantom Menace and realized how much it sucked.

Outsourcing a Digg Army

This is probably a non-starter, but it’s fun to think about. It’s well known among the most ardent click fraud combatants that there are armies of low-paid workers in the world that are paid to do nothing but click on ads all day – in India, Vietnam, Thailand, and others. But what if the pay-per-digg model was expanded by some crafty, unethical, profiteer through outsourcing?

Digg Dudes To Expand Digg.com

Digg.com is soon to get an overhaul, according Diggers Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. Traditionally a tech site, visitors will soon be able to digg pretty much any darn thing they please.