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Google Panda Update – A Broader View of U.S. Traffic Patterns Google Panda Update – A Broader View of U.S. Traffic Patterns

Experian Hitwise has released some new Panda-related data (obtained by Forbes), casting a broader view of what some of the update’s victims’ search traffic is looking like since early in the year – before Panda’s first wave. There are some …

Google Algorithm Update Fallout, eHow Response Google Algorithm Update Fallout, eHow Response
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Last week, Google launched its Panda update around the world in the English language, while also making some new adjustments to the U.S. algorithm, which the company said would impact 2% of queries (compared to the 12% impacted by the …

Has Google’s Panda Update Hurt Demand Media Stock? Has Google’s Panda Update Hurt Demand Media Stock?
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As previously reported, Demand Media’s eHow, which escaped the wrath of the U.S. version of Google’s Panda update, to actually gain search visibility, appears to have been nailed as the update rolled out globally and Google made further updates in …

Google Panda Update Hits Demand Media’s eHow This Time Google Panda Update Hits Demand Media’s eHow This Time
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As you know, Google has rolled out the Panda update internationally in the English language. SearchMetrics has put out a list of the top victims in the UK. We’ll be exploring more of this in time, but one thing that …

Demand Media Looks for Senior Analyst to Measure Search Demand Media Looks for Senior Analyst to Measure Search

Demand Media has tweeted about a job position in the last day, that requires studying how people search and applying that to business practices, from the sound of it. Now, this doesn’t seem unusual for the company, as the business …

Demand Media’s Pluck to Help Brands Spread iOS, Android Presence Demand Media’s Pluck to Help Brands Spread iOS, Android Presence
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Demand Media’s Pluck has launched new features to help brands go mobile – engaging in social experiences in mobile applications. Among the new tools are ways for software developers to provide native experiences and streamline the creation of community features, …

April Fools Day At Google 2011 April Fools Day At Google 2011
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Gmail Motion and Google Docs Motion top the list. “To use Gmail Motion, you’ll need a computer with a built-in webcam,” explains Gmail Product Manager Paul McDonald. “Once you enable Gmail Motion from the Settings page, Gmail will enable your …

Google’s Algorithm Impact Over the Years in Graphic Detail
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SEOBook has posted a very interesting infographic from Jess.NET, about Google’s “Collateral damage” and “How the Evolving Algorithm Shapes the Web”. The infographic illustrates the story of Google’s rise to Internet power and the impact it has had on webmasters …

Decreasing Google Dependence: A Growing Trend
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John Citrone, editor at the online writing community Xomba.com, says Xomba saw Google’s Panda update coming, and started preparing last summer, when it started to draw up a plan to prepare for an “algorithmic shift” from Google. “Around the first …

Demand Media and Getty Images Agreement Announced

Demand Media and Getty Images jointly announced today that they have entered a licensing agreement. That means searchers are likely to start seeing  a great deal more images from Getty appear in their results. Under the agreement, Demand Media will …

Demand Media Looks to Expand Business Content

I came across a tweet from a Demand Media employee that simply said, “Looking for Business writers!” With the company’s content being such a hot topic of discussion these days, it seemed noteworthy – particularly since Demand Media’s eHow content …

Demand Media: Google Had No Direct Influence on eHow Redesign
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As we reported yesterday, Demand Media launched a new redesign for its eHow content property. Though Google’s recent Panda algorithm update didn’t really have any negative impact on eHow, we still wondered if any changes Google has made recently influenced …

Demand Media Redesigns eHow with Quality Control Feature
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Demand Media has launched a redesign of eHow.com. The company says it’s putting more focus on better quality content. A Demand Media representative tells WebPoNews, “With the site overhaul, eHow.com is growing to be more than just a ‘how-to’ site …

Demand Media’s Pluck Teams Up with Buddy Media on Facebook Page Apps

Demand Media announced that it has entered a partnership with Buddy Media to extend Demand Media’s Pluck social applications into the Facebook ecosystem. Buddy Media has built a business out of creating Facebook tools for businesses, and it counts Target, …

EzineArticles: Some Content Ranking Higher
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Since being hit hard by Google’s recent algorithm update, EzineArticles is hard at work, trying to get its rankings and traffic back up. CEO Chris Knight tells WebProNews, "Beyond what we shared in the blog/twitter, we’re going to return to not sharing specifics on our traffic or ranking."

Demand Media Acquires CoveritLive, A Real-Time Event Coverage Platform

Demand Media has acquired real-time event coverage provider CoverItLive, which is used by brands like Yahoo,  ESPN, Ford, Time, News Corp, EA, FOX News, and BBC. Demand Media is positioning the acquisition as a way for the company to expand its social reach. 

Google Algorithm Update Casualties Speak
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Last week, Google launched a major update to its algorithm, which was positioned as one that would go after content farms. While some sites that are often attached to that label were in fact hurt by the update, some other sites that aren’t generally considered content farms became casualties as well. 

Google Algorithm Update to Get “New Layer” to Help “Falsely Caught” Sites
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As we discussed in another article, Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms had some apparently unintended casualties. One of these was the Apple news blog Cult of Mac. Publisher Leander Kahney wrote a scathing post about the update, clearly furious over Google knocking their search rankings (and traffic) down as if they were a content farm. 

Rachael Ray Comes to eHow

Demand Media has partnered with another celebrity in what would seem to be an effort to bring more credibility to its content. The company recently partnered with Tyra Banks in the fashion category, and now it’s Rachael Ray for the food category. 

Google Algorithm Update Helps (Not Hurts) eHow
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Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms appears to have affected Demand Media significantly, but not in the way you might have thought. According to a study from Sistrix – the Visibility Index – Demand’s eHow has actually gained rankings, while many of the company’s competitors dropped. 

Did Google’s Algorithm Update Go Far Enough on Content Farms?
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As you probably know by now, Google has implemented a new algorithm change that the company says impacts 11.8% of their queries. While Google would not come out and say directly that the update is aimed at content farms, this is widely understood to be the case.