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Dell Responds To Poor Customer Service Bomb Dell Responds To Poor Customer Service Bomb
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How can you not love the viral power of the Internet? Besides all the silly memes, troll faces, LOL Cats and weird videos, said power is also responsible for creating ripple effects throughout whatever industry is being targeted. Just ask …

Did Poor Customer Service Doom Dell? Did Poor Customer Service Doom Dell?
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The outsourcing of customer service is a topic of much consternation, silly sitcoms be damned. The horror stories of customer service call centers are to numerous to detail here, so much so in fact, it seems people have learned to …

Dell Rep Blasts Apple’s iPad Success
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The iPad 2 has been quite the talk of the town since its opening weekend a couple weeks ago. The talk of every town in the world it seems like. Their sales during that first weekend eclipsed projections and bettered …

Dell Buying SecureWorks For Undisclosed Sum

Dell has announced its intention to acquire IT security firm SecureWorks, which offers managed-security services, security and risk consulting services and threat intelligence solutions. Dell says the buy would expand its IT-as-a-Service offerings and information security expertise.

Can Microsoft Compete with the iPad?
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Reports indicate that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil some new slates from Samsung and Dell at CES next month that are designed to compete with Apple’s incredibly popular iPad. 

The company has not confirmed, and the sources of the info are unnamed, but evidently trusted by the New York Times, which reports

Dell Evaluating Google TV Tech

Dell and Google have worked together a lot over the years, from the time they partnered on a toolbar in 2006 to when Dell’s CEO flashed an Android-powered tablet earlier this week.  As for what’s next, it seems possible they’ll coordinate something related to Google TV.

Dell Appears to Lose 3PAR to HP
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Update 2: It looks like Dell has lost the bidding war for 3PAR after all. The company issued a release saying it has ended discussions and will recieve a $72 million break-up fee from 3PAR. This comes after 3PAR accepted an increased bid from HP of $2.4 billion.

Cable TV Coming to the iPad, Twitter Gets a Movie Trailer

Rupert Murdoch’s not the only one with tablet fever. The Wall Street Journal reports that at least seven of the ten largest subscription-TV providers in the U.S. are building new tablet apps to offer TV content to subscribers. Some might even be free.

Dell Streak Android Tablet Available This Week

Dell has officially announced that orders for its new Dell Streak Tablet open up in the U.S. on August 12 for pre-sale registrants, and then it becomes generally available on Friday, August 13.

Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, Dell, HP, RIM, McAfee, Symantec, Siemens Sued Over Spam Filtering
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A few days ago, a Texas-based company called InNova Patent Licensing filed an infringement lawsuit against 36 well-known companies. The company claims to hold the patent on spam filtering, and appears to be resting on the notion that any company using spam filtering owes them.

Among the companies being sued are Google, Apple, AOL, Dell, HP, RIM, Yahoo, McAfee, Symantec, and Siemens. The list doesn’t stop at tech companies though. It also contains names like Frito Lay, Cinemark, J.C. Penney, Rent-A-Center, and Dr. Pepper.

Dell Settles with SEC for $100 Million
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Dell announced that it’s reached a settlement with the SEC, resolving an investigation into Dell’s disclosures and alleged omissions from before Fiscal Year 2008, regarding its relationship to Intel, as well as other accounting and financial reporting issues.

Warrant Related to Controversial iPhone Leak Withdrawn

Remember the whole Gizmodo-iPhone-leak controversy? Today, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the San Mateo County D.A. has withdrawn the warrant obtained to search the house of Gizmodo’s Jason Chen.

Here Comes Apple’s iOS 4
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iOS4, the recently announced new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is due out today. Users of devices that utilize this OS are no doubt anxious to get it, but they shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Although as Brad McCarty at The Next Web points out, "Bear in mind, iPhone OS 3 (released last year) took the better part of the day to hit the public."

Dell Confirms Interest In Google Chrome
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One of the largest computer manufacturers in the world is quite interested in Google’s operating systems, according to a representative.  A Dell exec in fact indicated today that his company is in talks with Google and wants to help break new ground.

Dell To Match Android With Advanced Tablet, Netbook
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Courtesy of Dell, it looks like Android will be paired with a couple of somewhat large and advanced devices in the near future.  A leaked Dell roadmap indicates that both a netbook tablet and a true netbook will launch later this year.

Dell appears to be going with a sort of ancient Greece theme in terms of giving these devices codenames, dubbing them Sparta (the netbook tablet) and Athens (the true netbook).  It doesn’t appear that the company is in any way creating antiquated gear, though.

U.S. PC Shipments Up 24%

The global PC market saw double-digit growth in the fourth quarter, led by strong U.S. holiday sales of low-cost netbooks, according to the latest report by IDC.

Dell Attributes $6.5 Million In Sales To Twitter

Dell seems to have achieved a very good understanding of Twitter and social media in general.  This morning, a representative shared some statistics regarding the hardware manufacturer’s achievements, and by most standards, they’re extremely impressive.

Dell To Launch Android-Based Smartphone

Dell said today it plans to introduce smartphones based on Google’s Android platform in Brazil and China.

The company said it plans to sell its new Mini 3 smartphones through China Mobile, the largest telecommunications firm in the world with more than 500 million customers, and Claro, which has more than 42 million customers in Brazil as part of the America Movil network.

Dell Settles New York Fraud Case For $4 Million

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that Dell and its subsidiary, Dell Financial Services (DFS), have agreed to pay his office $4 million in restitution, penalties and costs to settle charges of fraudulent and deceptive business practices that scammed consumers in the state.

Dell Brings In $3 Million Via Twitter
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Dell is continuing to have success using Twitter to drive sales.

Last December the company announced it had surpassed $1 million in sales via its @DellOutlet on Twitter. Since 2007 Dell says its presence on Twitter has earned it more than $2 million in revenue.

Dell’s Twitter Campaign Has Raked In $3m In Sales

While many businesses are trying to work out how to make money from Twitter, computer maker Dell shows what they have done to validate Twitter as a credible business tool.