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Deep Down Gets New Trailer Ahead Of Japanese PS4 Launch

The PS4 is launching in Japan today, but its launch lineup is a little lacking in terms of Japanese developed titles. Capcom’s Deep Down was supposed to be a launch window title, but it’s not going to make that date. Instead, Capcom did the next best thing. In celebration of the PS4’s launch, Capcom shared a new trailer for Deep …

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Deep Down Becomes A Little Less Mysterious In New Trailer

Since its introduction early this year, Capcom’s Deep Down has been one of the more intriguing PS4 exclusives announced for the system. The free-to-play dungeon crawler looks to pull from a variety of other games, including Dark Souls and Capcom’s own Dragon’s Dogma. Unlike other free-to-play games, Deep Down seems to have some semblance of a story. The game takes …

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Here’s The First Gameplay From PS4 Exclusive Deep Down

At Sony’s February PS4 event, Capcom announced an interesting new title called Deep Down. For the past year, we only saw a few trailers that didn’t really tell us a lot. Now Capcom has shown off some actual gameplay for the title. This morning, Capcom shared four minutes of live gameplay from Deep Down at Sony’s press conference in Japan. …

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Capcom’s Deep Down Gets A New Trailer

Deep Down was one of the more ambitious titles that we saw at Sony’s PS4 reveal in February. It was a brand new IP from Capcom, and it looked absolutely stunning. The game skipped E3, but it looks like Capcom is ready to start talking about it again. At Capcom’s Network Game Conference, the company announced that Deep Down is …

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