Deep Down Gets New Trailer Ahead Of Japanese PS4 Launch

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The PS4 is launching in Japan today, but its launch lineup is a little lacking in terms of Japanese developed titles. Capcom's Deep Down was supposed to be a launch window title, but it's not going to make that date. Instead, Capcom did the next best thing.

In celebration of the PS4's launch, Capcom shared a new trailer for Deep Down that teases more of the story and shows more of the monsters players will face as they explore the dungeons and caverns of the medieval futuristic world. The game continues to look a lot like Dark Souls, but it's hard to say if Capcom will be able to replicate the success of From Software's celebrated Souls series.

What we do know is that Deep Down continues to be one of the best looking PS4 titles currently in development. Powered by Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine, it will be the first title to show off what the development studio can do with next generation hardware.

Deep Down will be free to play when it launches exclusively on PS4 later this year in Japan. There's still no word on a Western release, but the producer's statement in regards to Western criticism of the game's lack of playable female characters hints that they are at least considering it.

Image via cogmovie/YouTube

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