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Tom Hanks “Graduates” to Type 2 Diabetes

During his Monday night guest spot on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” actor Tom Hanks revealed that he’s been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes – and that weight fluctuations for on-screen roles may have been a contributing factor. Hanks once put on 30 pounds for his role in “A League of Their Own,” and lost 55 while playing character …

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“Black People for Paula” Group Plans Times Square Rally

A Paula Deen fan club called “Black People for Paula” is planning a rally in Times Square. According to the group’s website, the (as yet unnamed) founder of Black People for Paula and “over 100 of [his or her] friends” will gather outside the windows of the Good Morning America set during the show’s filming on August 16. They plan …

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Paula Deen Comic to be Released in October

Paula Deen is soon to be the star of her own comic book. Yeah, she’s a super-hero now. Though she was dropped faster than a speeding bullet by many of her sponsors after she admitted to using the “N word” in the past, Bluewater Productions, which had been planning to release a biographical comic book based on Deen’s life, has …

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Carter Pardons Deen, Claims Celebri-Chef Was Just “Honest”

Hit the brakes, America. Paula Deen has been pardoned by Jimmy Carter. Deen has been put through the wringer since admitting to having used racial slurs in the past. But Carter, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former president, said in a CNN interview that the disgraced Food Network icon had been perhaps “excessively honest in saying that she had in …

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