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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds’ Daughter May Have Picked Up Bad Habits From Deadpool

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are new parents, and although their daughter is just seven months old, Ryan says he’s afraid she might have picked up some bad habits from his latest character. Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the upcoming film of the same name, says his little girl came to the set quite a bit during filming and may …

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Morena Baccarin Joins Cast Of “Deadpool”

Morena Baccarin has confirmed that she joined the cast of Fox’s Deadpool. Everyone’s favorite companion, Morena Baccarin, will now play Deadpool’s favorite companion, Vanessa Carlysle. Carlysle is also known as the mutant Copycat. Morena Baccarin will make an amazing Copycat! Morena Baccarin confirmed the news via Twitter. Let's do this. pic.twitter.com/pNqcCGReSz — Morena Baccarin (@missmorenab) March 19, 2015 Deadpool creator …

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Gina Carano Signs On For “Deadpool” Role

Gina Carano, MMA star turned in-demand movie star, is all set to join Ryan Reynolds in the Fox movie Deadpool. Reynolds is Deadpool, who is an assassin that happens to be dying of cancer. When he gets a drastic treatment to cure him of cancer, he instead becomes mutated and scarred. But, he also gains super powers. Gina Carano will …

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Ryan Reynolds ‘Deadpool’ Movie Happening

Ryan Reynolds has good news for Deadpool fans! There is official confirmation that the comic book hero will be headed back to the big screen in the near future. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was hard done by in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. The movie was SO bad that various elements aren’t even being acknowledged as part of either movie …

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Here’s A Launch Trailer For That Insane Deadpool Game

You may remember from early this year that Activision was working with High Moon Studios on a Deadpool video game. The popular Marvel character’s game was nearly forgotten, however, as the excitement of E3 drowned out just about every summer game except for The Last Of Us. Now the Merc with a Mouth is back to remind you that his …

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Deadpool: The Game Might Just Be The Funniest Game Of The Year

I’m not a huge Marvel Comics fan, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Deadpool. The Marvel anti-hero has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity over the past few years, and it’s surprising that he hasn’t gotten his own game yet. That all changes this year with High Moon Studio’s Deadpool: The Game. We got our first …

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