Blake Lively Says She Can Change Diapers While Her Daughter Is Running Around

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Blake Lively isn't just another pretty onscreen face; the 28-year actress is also mom to baby daughter James, and like most moms, she's learned how to do just about anything under less-than-convenient conditions.

Lively confirmed something her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, said in an interview earlier this year: she can change diapers on the move.

“Yes, I mean, I have to. She’s always on the go. My husband’s like, ‘Why are you doing it like that?' She's walking and talking," Lively told Extra recently.

Blake is a busy lady, with three projects coming up in the next year that includes a Woody Allen film.

"I have three movies coming out. “The Shallows” is a shark attack movie, which was a hoot to shoot, although I had some seriously challenging stunts. Then one called “All I See Is You,” which is about a woman losing her eyesight at a young age, so quite a challenging experience for a whole different set of reasons," Blake told the New York Times.

However, she still finds time to support husband Reynolds, who is coming off a very successful opening weekend with Deadpool. Blake says she's seen the movie a few times already and is the number-one fan.

"We had a very happy Valentine's Day thanks to Deadpool. We've been high-fiving and go carting, and we're so happy. He worked so hard for so long. It's so nice to see people loving it so much. I'm about to see it for the third time. I'm the No. 1 fan!" Lively said.

Blake Lively is also something of a fashion icon these days, and spends some time supporting her favorite designers when she can. She recently attended a Michael Kors show and brought her mom, and said in an interview that she loves bringing her mother along to shows because she actually made a lot of Blake's clothing (and her siblings') when she was younger.

"Well, yes, she is a fan of Michael. But I am a massive fan of hers more than anything else. It’s wonderful to do fun things with your mom whatever age you are. She used to make all of our clothes as we were growing up, and was very good at it, too. So I jumped at the chance to bring her along," Blake Lively said.

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