Gina Carano Signs On For "Deadpool" Role

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Gina Carano, MMA star turned in-demand movie star, is all set to join Ryan Reynolds in the Fox movie Deadpool.

Reynolds is Deadpool, who is an assassin that happens to be dying of cancer.

When he gets a drastic treatment to cure him of cancer, he instead becomes mutated and scarred. But, he also gains super powers.

Gina Carano will be portraying a character known as Angel Dust. She is associated with the comic book classification of Morlock, which are underground mutants in the Marvel universe.

Gina Carano is not the only star that has signed on to do Deadpool.

T.J. Miller will also be joining the cast! The role he will take on has yet to be disclosed, but it is rumored to be a funny one.

Gina Carano tackles Deadpool after an already extended period of back-to-back filming. She is one busy lady!

Gina Carano just wrapped on Bus 657 , on which she had the pleasure of working with Robert DeNiro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kate Bosworth.

She also recently finished an amazing-looking Kickboxer reboot. For that one, she got to work with Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista!

Gina Carano also just lent her talents to the action movie Extraction, in which she stars opposite the king of action movies, Bruce Willis.

What do you think of Gina Carano's latest role as Angel Dust in Deadpool?

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