Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' Daughter May Have Picked Up Bad Habits From Deadpool

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are new parents, and although their daughter is just seven months old, Ryan says he's afraid she might have picked up some bad habits from his latest character.

Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the upcoming film of the same name, says his little girl came to the set quite a bit during filming and may have heard some salty language while she was there.

"She's going to learn those words eventually anyway. If her first word is f**k, then I've done something wrong, but otherwise I think we're fine. I think we're OK," Reynolds said.

The Marvel film is highly anticipated, not least because of Deadpool's raunchy humor and penchant for swearing. The hugely successful films released by the comic company in the past have stayed within the bounds of clean humor for the most part, so it might have been a big risk to take on the Merc with a Mouth. However, fans at this year's Comic Con say that Deadpool's attitude is precisely why they love him.

“Fans connect to Deadpool because he’s a wisecracking iconoclast. He’s the ‘villain’ turned ‘hero’ who is out for himself. He comes out of the garbage and transforms into a superhero," said UCLA's Jonathan Kuntz.

Blake Lively is reportedly dealing with a "mystery illness" on location in Thailand; a source says she wasn't able to complete filming earlier this week and was taken to a hospital.

"She was taken to hospital sick. She didn't make the scene and hadn't been seen for a couple of days before. She was sick and a no-show for both days I stayed at the resort. So they just pulled the plug on it as they had to move to the next location, which is Barcelona," the source said.

Just a week ago, Lively shared a photo on Instagram of a moment from filming with the caption, "A day at the office".

A day at the office #HowManyPeopleDoesItTakeToMakeABrondeLookLikeShesKayaking #...ALOTapparently

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