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iPhone 5 Rumor: Sprint Committed To Unlimited Data? iPhone 5 Rumor: Sprint Committed To Unlimited Data?
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Today we got confirmation that Apple is in fact holding a big media event on October 4th to discuss the new iPhone. It had been rumored for a little over a week, and today an invitation was sent out that …

Google+ Traffic Grows 1269% After Ditching Invitations Google+ Traffic Grows 1269% After Ditching Invitations
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New data from Experian Hitwise suggests that Google+ has exploded since Google decided to open the social network to the public. Last week, Google began allowing users to join Google+ without an invite. And according to the Hitwise data, this …

iPhone 5 Rumor: Releasing On Sprint With Unlimited Data Plan? iPhone 5 Rumor: Releasing On Sprint With Unlimited Data Plan?
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Today’s iPhone 5 rumor bypasses the “if” it’s going to launch on Sprint question and jumps right ahead to specifics of that launch. According to sources “familiar with the matter” as quoted in Bloomberg, the iPhone 5 will most definitely …

Your iPhone Apps Are Leaving You Vulnerable To Identity Theft Your iPhone Apps Are Leaving You Vulnerable To Identity Theft

It’s always something when it comes to mobile devices, privacy and security. Along with geo-tracking and the fear that your phones might be logging your every move, you can add this tech-worry to your list of concerns: Your smartphone apps …

LivingSocial Reacts to Recent Studies about Daily Deals LivingSocial Reacts to Recent Studies about Daily Deals
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A couple of recent studies brought out some interesting, but contradictory data pertaining to daily deals’ providers. The first study from Rice University found that the business model behind daily deals’ sites was unsustainable and predicted “tough times ahead for daily deal sites.”

Osama Bin Laden’s Compound Yields “Motherlode” of Computer Data Osama Bin Laden’s Compound Yields “Motherlode” of Computer Data
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What in the world could be on Osama Bin Laden’s hard drive? We might find out in the coming weeks. The Navy SEALs who carried out the mission that resulted in the death of Bin Laden left the Pakistani compound …

Now That’s A Lot of Information Consumption Now That’s A Lot of Information Consumption
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Considering the fact we are living in The Information Age, the figures concerning information consumption shouldn’t be surprising, but yet, they are. In fact, eye-popping would be a better adjective than surprising, because one thing’s for certain: Internet users go …

Like Privacy? You May Have Some Opting Out To Do.
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Have you ever looked at Spokeo? If not, you might want to check it out – that is if you’re concerned about your online privacy. There’s a good chance they have a profile on you, and it may have more information than you care to have publicly accessible in any one place. And that’s just the free part, if you pay, you can get access to even more information.

Google Wants You To Upload Your Data

Google announced today that it’s opening up its Public Data Explorer tool to everyone, meaning you can use it to upload your own datasets. 

Twitter Sells Data, Provides Analytics, Gives Users “Reputation Scores”
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There are some interesting things going on with Twitter this week, and while they may not be as sexy as Facebook’s news, they could have a pretty big impact on the way Twitter is used by developers and marketers. 

The Data

How People Value Data

The other day a person contacted me about wanting to help me with ad retargeting on one of my sites, but in order to do so they would have had to have tracked my site. That would have given them tons of great information about how they could retarget all my site’s visitors around the web. And they wanted me to give that up for free in an offer which was made to sound compelling, but lacked substance. And so they never got a response. :D

Fly.com Makes It Easier To Search For Flights

A new concept in online flight search officially takes off in the UK today with the launch of Fly.com.

2009 In Review – According To Twitter

Now that Twitter employs a Chief Scientist, we will benefit from the ongoing interpretation and publishing of Twitter behavior and activity to better understand how Twitter is constantly evolving.

Firefox 3.5 Currently Most Popular Browser in the World
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According to data from StatCounter, Mozilla’s web browser Firefox 3.5 is now the world’s most popular browser. It has just surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, which has beend steadily declining.

For December 20, StatCounter has IE 7 at 21.2% market share, and Firefox 3.5 at 21.93%. Microsoft’s IE 8 is closing in though. Its share has been steadily increasing, presumably making up for most of the lost IE 7 share, and has approached 20.33%.

October Marked First Decline For Twitter Visitors In A Year

Before you read any further just lean back and take a deep breath. You are about to enter the “Research Zone”. You know the place well. It’s where we give you shocking numbers that someone has come up with using their “methodology” and it is then used to create shocking headlines around the Internet for your reading enjoyment. It’s almost like having an informant who whispers something in your ear then you get to blab it all over the place and set the masses running.

Data Suggests the ‘Connect Program’ was the Reason Behind Facebook’s Surge

In case you missed it, Facebook is pretty popular. As of June 2008, they’d beat MySpace in terms of total unique visitors worldwide (ballooning to twice as many uniques as MySpace in January 2009)—and even in the US, one of the few Facebook-is-#2 holdouts, Facebook has caught up to MySpace.

July Was a Good Month for Tweeting

It appears that the number of new Twitter users has slowed a bit over the past month, although it’s still growing significantly. Regardless, it hasn’t prevented the number of Tweets from jumping.

Facebook Dealing With a Click Fraud and Data Access Lawsuit

It’s a saga we’re all familiar with by now: create a pretty awesome web service, start a trend, become a media sweetheart, make lots of money (VC or acquisition), get slapped with a lawsuit. Or two. Or fifty billion. Facebook added two more lawsuits to its heap recently: a countersuit from Power.com and a click fraud proceeding.

The Older Demographic Makes A Large Push On Facebook

The demographic has shifted dramatically over at Facebook and that change could lead to billions in revenue, according to one prominent board member.

Study Shows 18-24 Year Olds Love Social Media, Twitter Not So Much

These two charts say it all really:

Keeping Data Is Good, Says Google
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Retaining search data helps Google improve its search results, despite privacy concerns that such retention could end up in the hands of the government via subpoena.

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