AT&T Data Plans Now a Bit More Bearable with Rollover Data for Some

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If you're on one of AT&T's Mobile Share Value plans, you're going to be happy to hear this.

Capped data sucks, but it's a reality that most of us have to live with. AT&T has just announced that it's going to help a little bit by letting you take your unused data with you to the next month. Yep, AT&T is letting you rollover data.

Well, not everyone – but a good chunk of you. New and current Mobile Share Value customers (about 50 million) will get the rollover feature starting January 25.

“Rollover Data is an added benefit of being an AT&T Mobile Share Value customer and it’s just another way that we’re saying thanks to our more than 50 million plus Mobile Share Value subscribers,” said Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility. “We’re providing even more value and flexibility, and the best part is it’s simple, shareable and easy to track for our customers. All Mobile Share Value customers get this automatically.”

This will all happen automatically – no additional signups.

Rolled-over data will be available for use for the next month in your billing cycle – and only that month. Rollover data does not compound over multiple months – but you didn't expect that to be the case, now did you?

AT&T gives this example:

If you have our 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value plan and only use 10GB, you’ll roll over 5GB (your Rollover Data balance) to the next month for a total of 20GB to be used within the next month. There’s no cap on the amount of unused plan data within a given month that’s eligible for rollover. However, Rollover Data automatically expires after one billing period, and unused Rollover Data won’t carry over to the next month.

AT&T's move follows in the footsteps of T-Mobile, who recently introduced a similar plan called "Data Stash".

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