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Infographic Looks At Rapid Evolution Of Technology

Commissioned News Story (Source: Technology Services Group) Do you ever just take a minute to think about how much better your life has become as a result of advances in technology, and how quickly these advances have actually been made? Just think. Only twelve short years ago, floppy disks were still standard for storing data, and smartphones as we know …

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Sony, Panasonic to Develop 300GB Discs

Sony and Panasonic have announced that they will be partnering up to develop a next-generation optical disc for professional use. The companies have set a goal of an optical disc with a recording capacity of “at least” 300GB by the end of 2015. The joint announcement of the project states that the objective of the project is to expand each …

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You May Soon Be Storing Books And Music In DNA

It’s said that the printing press was one of the most influential inventions of all time. It made books cheaply available to everyone by reducing the printing process to a single machine instead of 10 monks sitting in a tower transcribing everything word by word. You could argue that e-books and e-readers are the modern equivalent of the printing press, …

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Dell Delivers Performance To Enterprise Clients

Yesterday Dell introduced seven new rack and tower servers that are powerful, efficient and innovative. Optimized for collaboration and high-performance computing these are sure to change industry standards for enterprise data management solutions. Brad Anderson, President of Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell comments on the new additions to their lineup: ‚ÄúDell designed the new PowerEdge servers with input gathered from …

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