Infographic Looks At Rapid Evolution Of Technology

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Commissioned News Story (Source: Technology Services Group)

Do you ever just take a minute to think about how much better your life has become as a result of advances in technology, and how quickly these advances have actually been made? Just think. Only twelve short years ago, floppy disks were still standard for storing data, and smartphones as we know them were pretty much only something out of science fiction. The iPhone changed all of that in 2007, and even since then smartphones have become capable of so much more, and have shown few signs of slowing down that trend.

It's easy to take these advances for granted because high tech has become the norm. Just imagine how our lives would be different without these updates.

A new infographic from Technology Services Group gives us a visual look at how the technology we use every day has evolved so significantly. It looks at data storage, televisions, connectivity, and phones.

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