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Colorado Theater Shooter to Get New Psych Evaluation

Colorado theater shooting suspect, James Holmes, will have another chance at a mental examination to determine if he was insane at the time he shot up a theater full of people in a suburb of Denver, according to Fox News. The judge in the case, Arapahoe County District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr., determined that the first mental exam given …

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3,500 Potential Witnesses in Aurora Shooting Trial

Nearly one year ago, James Holmes entered a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado with tear gas and guns, killing 12 people and injuring over 60 others. The shooting took place during an opening weekend showing of The Dark Knight Rises, turning crowded summer movie blockbuster premieres into yet another place where Americans are now wary of guns (though at …

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Aurora Shooter James Holmes Islam Conversion Rumored

Earlier this month, Aurora shooter James Holmes appeared in court sporting a huge beard. Now, rumors have begun to surface claiming that the man has converted to Islam. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the rumor first surfaced in the tabloid publication The National Enquirer. An unnamed “prison source” allegedly told the Enquirer that Holmes has converted to …

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NYPD Battles Twitter, Wins With Court Order

A Twitter user posted tweets this week, indicating intentions to initiate an Aurora-like murder rampage, and the police took these tweets seriously enough to investigate. The user is quoted as tweeting things like, “i’m serious, people are gonna die like aurora,” and “gosh i’m still making this it list damn i wanna kill a lot of people.” According to reports, …

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Colorado Shooting: Holmes Appears Dazed In Court

James Holmes, the 24-year old man who went on a shooting rampage early Friday morning in a Colorado theater, appeared court today after being arrested for the deaths of 12 people and shooting injuries of more than 60. Holmes sat quietly in the courtroom, his fiery dyed hair a jarring spectacle among the somber colors surrounding him, and appeared almost …

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