Aurora Shooter James Holmes Islam Conversion Rumored


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Earlier this month, Aurora shooter James Holmes appeared in court sporting a huge beard. Now, rumors have begun to surface claiming that the man has converted to Islam.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the rumor first surfaced in the tabloid publication The National Enquirer. An unnamed "prison source" allegedly told the Enquirer that Holmes has converted to Islam, prays five times a day, eats only halal food, and studies the Koran. The source is quoted as saying Holmes now believes his shooting rampage was part of "his own personal jihad." The rumors also hold that Holmes' fellow muslim inmates are not happy with his alleged conversion, as they don't want the religion to be associated with his crimes.

Holmes is currently on trial for the shooting that took place at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre in July 2012 during a showing of the move The Dark Knight Rises. He allegedly entered the theatre wearing a gas mask and shot canisters of tear gas into the crowd. He then shot into the crowd with a shotgun, semi-automatic rifle, and handgun. 12 people died and 58 others were injured.

The rumors of Holmes' religious conversion sound a bit sketchy. If true, though, they could be an indication of Holmes' mental health, which has been called into question. Of course, the rumors could just be false, or Holmes could simply be trolling everyone.