Colorado Shooting: Holmes Appears Dazed In Court

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James Holmes, the 24-year old man who went on a shooting rampage early Friday morning in a Colorado theater, appeared court today after being arrested for the deaths of 12 people and shooting injuries of more than 60.

Holmes sat quietly in the courtroom, his fiery dyed hair a jarring spectacle among the somber colors surrounding him, and appeared almost to be drugged. Certainly, he looked distant and exhausted as he was read his rights and was informed that he is being held without the possibility of bail due to the nature of his crime. His behavior during the proceedings was strange enough for newscasters to wonder whether he will be declared competent to stand trial, as will his failure to speak even one word, choosing instead to communicate through his lawyers.

Holmes' parents are reportedly not being cooperative at all during the investigation, so it will be interesting to see how their roles in the trial will play out, as well as what we may learn about Holmes in coming weeks.

We will update this article as news is given.


District Attorney Carol Chambers says there is no such thing as a "slam dunk case" and that they will work diligently in an effort to give Holmes a fair trial as well as work with the victims and their families. She also says this will be a lengthy process and that any talk of the death penalty will be carefully considered, because it will affect so many people. It could be a year before the case goes to trial, she says.

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