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Brady Bunch Snickers Ad Set To Be Among The Best

The Brady Bunch Snickers ad that everyone is talking about has gone viral. The ad stars Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady. The Brady Bunch set was magically recreated and the lines of the original cast changed to fit new dialogue into one of the most iconic Brady Bunch episodes ever. Most of us have seen the episode of The Brady …

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‘Brady Bunch’ Super Bowl Ad for Snickers Features Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady and Steve Buscemi as Jan Brady

A Brady Bunch-themed Super Bowl ad for Snickers features gnarly action star Danny Trejo playing the 1970s teen icon Marcia Brady. For those who remember, Marcia Brady, played by Maureen McCormick, 58, was the hippest teen that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to date. In a moment of genius, the ad team at Snickers came up …

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Marcia Brady Reimagined: How Danny Trejo Transformed

Marcia Brady is one of the most recognizable faces of comfortable, soothing retro television. As a member of The Brady Bunch, Marcia Brady was everyone’s favorite, many times to the disdain of little sister Jan. Danny Trejo is a gnarly, terrifying action star who has worked for years to hone his image to perfectly unapproachable. So, how did Danny Trejo …

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‘Brady Bunch’ Featured in Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Members of The Brady Bunch appear in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Snickers. Florence Henderson and the late Robert Reed as Mike and Carol Brady appear at the start of the ad, in a conversation with their teenage daughter Marcia–played by Maureen McCormick–but initially in the form of Danny Trejo. The Hollywood Reporter says Snickers teased the ad last …

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Steve Wozniak and Danny Trejo Team Up for New iOS Game

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is about to become an action hero, as he is set to star in an upcoming iOS game called “Woz with a Coz.” His costar for the video game is legendary movie badass Danny Trejo, who will help Woz slash up his wife’s kidnappers in classic 8-bit platformer style. Yes, I said Woz’s wife’s kidnappers… Here’s …

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