Brady Bunch Snickers Ad Set To Be Among The Best

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The Brady Bunch Snickers ad that everyone is talking about has gone viral.

The ad stars Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady.

The Brady Bunch set was magically recreated and the lines of the original cast changed to fit new dialogue into one of the most iconic Brady Bunch episodes ever.

Most of us have seen the episode of The Brady Bunch when Marcia gets smashed in the nose with the football.

Well, reimagine that with Danny Trejo as Marcia. Then imagine he has a hatchet. And he's angry. And hungry. Hangry.

That is what the world is talking about.

If that is to be the stick by which other ads are measured this year, then we are in for a fantasic Super Bowl commercial season!

With the competition for the greatest Super Bowl ads getting ready to heat up, the Brady Bunch ad is sure to at least stand out.

Danny Trejo took a few days out of his schedule to shoot the Brady Bunch commercial, but admits he was hesitant at first.

"My agent called me and said, ‘Danny, I have a surprise for you. They want you to play Marcia Brady,'" Trejo told Business Insider. "I’ve been nurturing a career of being a bad guy for 20 years and [you want me to] play Marcia Brady."

However, in the past, Snickers has had some amazing ads featuring the likes of Joe Pesci and Betty White. So, when he found out it was for Snickers, Danny Trejo jumped onboard to become a member of the Brady Bunch.

He added, "I just couldn’t believe it. So I read the commercial, and it was funny. It’s going to be an amazing commercial."

Well, it is an amazing commercial! The Brady Bunch. Who'd have thought?

I hope the rest of tomorrow's ads are this good!

Lacy Langley
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