'Brady Bunch' Featured in Snickers Super Bowl Ad

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Members of The Brady Bunch appear in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Snickers. Florence Henderson and the late Robert Reed as Mike and Carol Brady appear at the start of the ad, in a conversation with their teenage daughter Marcia--played by Maureen McCormick--but initially in the form of Danny Trejo.

The Hollywood Reporter says Snickers teased the ad last week, sharing a video of Trejo brushing his hair more than 100 times, just like Marcia Brady in an episode of the popular family show, with a Brady Bunch logo. Various other Brady Bunch-themed teasers were posted on Snickers' Facebook page, with fans urged to share the promos via social media if they wanted to see the full ad early.

The full Brady Bunch Super Bowl ad debuted on The Today Show on Thursday morning. It is, as all Brady Bunch fans know, a take on the famous episode in which Marcia Brady gets hit in the face with a football, breaking her nose.

The clip begins with Marcia (Trejo) telling her mom and dad what happened. After Carol Brady says she's "sure it was an accident," Trejo says, "An eye for an eye. That's what dad always says."

"I've never said that, honey," Mike Brady replies.

"Shut up!" Trejo shoots back, slamming an ax into the 1970s-era coffee table. "I've got to teach Peter a lesson."

Carol urges Marcia to eat a Snickers bar, and she soon morphs back into herself again.

Were you a Brady Bunch fan during the show's original reign? What do you think of this throwback to the 1970s? How do you expect this Brady Bunch ad will stand up to the many ads to be featured during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday?

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