Marcia Brady Reimagined: How Danny Trejo Transformed

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Marcia Brady is one of the most recognizable faces of comfortable, soothing retro television.

As a member of The Brady Bunch, Marcia Brady was everyone's favorite, many times to the disdain of little sister Jan.

Danny Trejo is a gnarly, terrifying action star who has worked for years to hone his image to perfectly unapproachable.

So, how did Danny Trejo end up playing Marcia Brady in the Super Bowl ad for Snickers this year?

Danny Trejo said, "My agent called me and said, ‘Danny, I have a surprise for you. They want you to play Marcia Brady.'"

He added, "I’ve been nurturing a career of being a bad guy for 20 years and [you want me to] play Marcia Brady."

Take a look:

I'm sure it must have been quite a shock for Trejo. It was a highly unusual proposal in his line of work!

But, when he learned that it was a Super Bowl ad and that it was for Snickers, one of the the most anticipated Super Bowl ad makers out there, he was all for transforming into Marcia Brady.

"I just couldn’t believe it," says Trejo. "So I read the commercial, and it was funny. It’s going to be an amazing commercial."

Danny Trejo said the announcement to his family that his next project was going to be playing Marcia Brad left everyone was a little speechless.

"When I said I’m going to play Marcia Brady … they all kind of looked at me," said Trejo.

The shoot for the Snickers Marcia Brady commercial only took a few days out of Danny Trejo's schedule.

He, and all of those involved in the Marcia Brady commercial, will think it was worth it.

What do you think of Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady?

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