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Facebook May Not Be Struggling With Mobile Monetization After All Facebook May Not Be Struggling With Mobile Monetization After All
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“We do not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven… and if we are unable to successfully implement monetization strategies for our mobile users, or …

Google Offers AdMob Optimization Tips Google Offers AdMob Optimization Tips

Google recently released version 6.0 of its AdMob SDK last week. Some of the new features may have thrown you for a loop or you’re just new to AdMob. To that end, Google has published some tips to get the …

Using AdWords Effectively For Small Businesses Using AdWords Effectively For Small Businesses
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Google hosted a hangout last week that aimed to help businesses get the most out of their AdWord use. The 55-minute talk discussed various AdWord strategies including keyword selection, clickthrough rate tracking and more. While you can watch the talk …

Facebook Users Click Ads Twice As Often As Twitter, Google+ Users [Report] Facebook Users Click Ads Twice As Often As Twitter, Google+ Users [Report]
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Update: As the study has generated some confusion, I’m going to repost the author’s explanation (which also appears in the comments) here: This study, which measures the CTR of different social network users, was conducted using a referrer based methodology. …

How Do You Think Twitter Can Make Money?

There’s a new Viewpoint column about Twitter, over at BusinessWeek. Before I go on, it’s important to note that Viewpoint’s are guest columns, not written by normal BusinessWeek staffers.

Google Leads Others In CPC Inflation
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Google takes in nearly 77% of the total search advertising spend, as of Q4 2007, and raked in 97% of all ad spend increases, according to a study by Efficient Frontier. Despite Nielsen’s recent report that Google search share had slightly decreased, numbers like these on the advertising revenue side could mean good things for a flagging Google stock price.

CPM Rate Contraction on the Way?
Carl Fremont of Digitas thinks their might be online CPM rate contraction in 2008.

How to Make Money off of Accidental Rankings

Since Google largely tends to favor ranking informational websites over commercial websites, some authoritative blogs tend to rank for valuable queries based on posts they make in passing.

Even if you had no intent to monetize a post, it just became easier to monetize accidental rankings. If you use analytics to track your stats and notice that you start ranking for some good keywords you can use Triggit to embed links to merchant products directly in the text of your blog post.

One Box Goes Gold At Google
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Yet another advertising-related change has come to Google in the run-up to Search Engine Strategies 2007 New York: Google shifted the One Box background color from blue to yellow.

Google Related Links With Ads

This didn’t take too long: As Google Blogoscoped shows, one blogger has already figured out how to combine Google Related Links with advertising, simply by putting the Links box on top of an AdSense ad.

AdSense Tricks: How to Increase CTR
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An increase in CTR can mean a lot to AdSense Revenue. To increase AdSense revenue, either you have to increase traffic or increase CTR.

How To Get Higher Clickthrough Rates (CTR) On Your Google Adwords Campaigns

There are a number of ways to improve your clickthrough rates (CTR) for ads on Google Adwords. Here are some tips to help you get started.