Using AdWords Effectively For Small Businesses

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Google hosted a hangout last week that aimed to help businesses get the most out of their AdWord use. The 55-minute talk discussed various AdWord strategies including keyword selection, clickthrough rate tracking and more.

While you can watch the talk for yourself for all the info, Google was nice enough to Google+Small+Business%29">compile some of the more interesting questions and answers for us. These tips and tools should help clarify any questions you may have regarding AdWords.

First and foremost, it's important to note that the number of AdGroups are limited to 20,000 per campaign. It was revealed that Google considers a good click-through-rate to be 1 percent or above on the Search Network. They also said that a much lower CTR is expected on a Display Network.

The company suggests that advertisers not pay attention to the Quality Score that much. They emphasize that while it's an important metric, other metrics like CTR, average position and conversion tracking are much more important.

In regards to keywords and conversion rates, Google suggests that you pause or delete a keyword if it's not driving conversions over a period of time, usually six months.

It was revealed that keywords with different match types sometimes conflict if they both qualify for an auction. At that point, the AdWords system is going to choose the keyword that matches a user's query more closely. It also factors in the price and highest ad position.

Location targeting by custom shape can no longer be used in AdWords. If you are still using a custom shape, then AdWords is targeting an area that best matches your previous shape.

Lastly, advertisers can target specific states with their ads to drive up click-through-rates. You do this by going to your AdWords account, clicking on "Settings" under the "Locations and Languages" tab. There will be an Edit button next to "Locations" that will allow you to target specific states.

This just a small taste of all the information that was discussed during the hangout. There's more to it and if you're feeling up for a 55-minute tutorial in AdWords usage, I'd highly recommend checking it out.

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