Google Offers AdMob Optimization Tips

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Google recently released version 6.0 of its AdMob SDK last week. Some of the new features may have thrown you for a loop or you're just new to AdMob. To that end, Google has published some tips to get the most out of AdMob.

Google starts by saying what should be common sense with advertising - keep the focus on delivering the best possible user experience. The company says that developers should make ads an integral part of the design process instead of just throwing them in as an afterthought.

To make this possible, you should increase your coverage. But Google, AdMob's rules state that you can only have one ad visible on screen at any time. Well, that's true, but there are ways to make your ads more attractive and appealing to the user. They use the example of putting your ad at the top of the page if the application is a game with the controls at the bottom. It ensures that the ad will be seen instead of being forgotten as the player focuses on the controls.

Another thing is to take advantage of the ad networks feature within an AdMob account. This plus opting in to AdSense Backfill may help improve your fill rate which means more earnings. The newest version of the AdMob SDK allows you to access more ad inventory from the Google Ad Network. It's important to remember, however, that the backfill feature is enabled per site ID and that Google Ad Network ads will not obey filter rules set by your site ID just yet.

Another tip is to not have a large filter list. A small filter list ensures that more ads can come through and potentially increase your earnings. Blocking ad groups causes less competition in auction for your site.

Set your refresh rate to 45 to 60 seconds to ensure that you get a high enough click-through-rate. If the refresh rate is too fast, potential users won't have enough time to interact with the ads.

Finally, Google offers these tips on how to get into the top 50 rankings on the app marketplace using advertising. First is to just use advertising as they've found a successful ad campaign can drive up your place in the app store. Another would be getting featured either on the app store or any of the various sites that review apps.

Finally, don't count out the power of social sharing and cross-promotion. These will get your app noticed and driver consumers to your product. The more people who see your product, the more ads get clicked. If enough people click those ads, you get a nice paycheck. It all works out.

A lot of this stuff is basic common sense when it comes to advertising online. It's just important to be reminded from time to time on how to really take advantage of the tools laid before you. While this applies to AdMob, it's equally important in any advertising campaign.

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