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Crop Circles Appear In History Earlier Than You Might Think

A mysterious set of crop circles have popped up in a wheat field near Weilheim, Germany. Farmer Christoph Huttner, who owns the land, insisted to the media that it wasn’t his doing. As this is the first set of crop circles of the year, it is generating excitement not only locally, but internationally as well. A number of curious individuals …

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Crop Circle Mystery Solved – No Aliens This Time

Whether beings from another planet have ever visited, or will visit in the future – our planet’s inhabitants are going to take some serious convincing either way. The aliens will probably have to literally walk up and say “hello” before many people truly believe. Earth people are some strong skeptics, but now with an even better reason. Aliens did not …

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Crop Circle Plowed By Owner To Protect Property

Let’s face it, not everyone likes the spotlight, which is why farmer Scott Anthony decided to get rid of the now famous crop circle that mysteriously appeared on his property last week. The circle was first captured in an aerial shot by photographer Julie Belanger, and once the images got out to the general public, visitors from all over flocked …

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UFO Sighting In Wee Hours New Years Eve – California

You have to wonder about the condition of the people who think they saw a UFO in the wee hours of New Years Eve. But before doubt sets in, to their credit, there were people in several cities who saw the same lights. Could this be the real thing? ABC News reported on January 3rd that air authorities have confirmed …

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