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Jessica Chastain Definitely NOT In Love With “Crimson Peak” Co-Star Charlie Hunnam

Jessica Chastain was quick to put the rumors to rest that she had fallen hard for her gorgeous Crimson Peak co-star, Charlie Hunnam. Starting the rumor herself, Jessica Chastain expressed worry that she might be in trouble last year when it was made known that Charlie Hunnam would be her co-star. Jessica Chastain said (jokingly), “Are you telling me I’m …

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Jessica Chastain Appears in New Trailer for Horror Film ‘Crimson Peak’

Jessica Chastain appears in a new trailer for the upcoming horror film Crimson Peak. Set in a three story Victorian mansion on an abandoned lot, the haunted house in Crimson Peak seemingly takes on a mind of its own, replete with demonic voices, shadowy figures, and creepy sounds emerging from every corner. Lady Lucille Sharpe (played by Jessica Chastain) and …

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Jessica Chastain: From High School Dropout to Hollywood Royalty

Jessica Chastain may have dropped out of high school as a teen, but she is certainly showing where her talents lie with two Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe award and much critical acclaim. The 37-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly Thursday that she didn’t graduate from high school. Chastain attended Sacramento’s El Camino Fundamental High School, but never received her diploma. …

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Benedict Cumberbatch In “Star Wars: Episode VII”?!

Rumors have recently been spreading around the internet saying that Benedict Cumberbatch may be appearing in the new ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. Cumberbatch was originally supposed to be acting in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film titled ‘Crimson Peak’. He dropped out of being apart of ‘Crimson Peak’, which began being produced about the same time as the up an coming …

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