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GoDaddy Takes Down Righthaven Domain

Righthaven is the subject of a bit of irony as it has had its domain taken down by registrar GoDaddy. If you go to, you will see the message from the image above. If you’re unfamiliar with Righthaven, it is a company which has made a business model out of suing publications and bloggers that it views as infringing …

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GoDaddy CEO Breaks Twitter Silence Following Elephant Killing Controversy

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has been pretty quiet for a couple weeks following the controversy that blew up around a video he posted online in which he killed an elephant in Zimbabwe. As said controversy ignited, he went on the defensive, and certainly did have his supporters, but the comments we’ve received on our coverage indicate that most found the …

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Video Mysteriously, But Heavily Edited

Since the controversy blew up around a video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, the video has been edited heavily. Should the video have been edited, removed, or left alone? Tell us what you think. Parsons is still in the video, but gone are the series of stills of Parsons posing proudly with the elephant’s carcass (as pictured …

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GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Could Have Been A Zoologist

As you may have heard by now, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has been taking some heat for his little vacation to Africa where he killed an elephant, video taped it, and tweeted it out to all of his followers. Parsons has defended his actions in the press, but the masses seem less than thrilled with them. There’s an interesting report …

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix

GoDaddy’s PR misstep, otherwise known as CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, has led to its competitors stepping up to scoop up the angry customers who are leaving the domain registrar behind. NameCheap was able to get some great PR and a substantial amount of new business, while raising over $20,000 for the Save the Elephants foundation. Now, Venovix is …

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Leads to Competitor Raising $20K to Save Elephants

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons recently took a vacation in Africa, where he hunted an elephant, posted video of the killing and slaughter of the elephant, and and tweeted it out to the world. You’ve probably heard the story by now. Since then, there has been a massive backlash against GoDaddy, a public war of words with PETA, and numerous people …

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GoDaddy Elephant Slaughter Draws Massive Backlash

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons may need a lesson in online reputation management. Lesson 1: Don’t kill elephants. Lesson 2: If you do kill an elephant, don’t post a video about it on the web. 3: If you do kill an elephant and post a video about it on the web, and then tweet it out to 33,000 followers. Really lesson …

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GoDaddy CEO Defends Elephant Killing

Previously, we reported on the backlash GoDaddy has been facing, following the posting of a video by CEO Bob Parsons of Parsons killing an elephant. PETA has been very vocal about it, naturally, but so have many others who aren’t necessarily part of any animal rights groups. Lots of people have been talking about pulling their sites from GoDaddy. Parsons …

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Facebook Pulls “Third Palestinian Intifada” Page

Facebook pages can be used for any number of causes; naming a baby Megatron, helping a runner raise money for charity, or calling for a violent uprising against another ethnic group.  Today, a page falling into the latter category was removed by Facebook amidst pressure from multiple groups. On March 23rd Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora …

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Apple Removes “Gay Cure” App Amidst Controversy

It looks like the pressure was too much for Apple as they have officially pulled the controversial Exodus International app from the app store. On Monday we told you about the heat Apple was taking from the gay-rights group Truth Wins Out who had started a petition on to have the app removed. As that petition approached 150,000 signatures, …

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Senators to Apple: Pull DUI Checkpoint Apps

Apparently, it’s pile on the folks at Apple week.  The company now finds themselves involved in two major app controversies, and it’s only Tuesday.  Yesterday, we told you about the heat Apple was taking  from gay-rights activists for a 4+ rated app in their app store offering to cure homosexuals through the power of Christianity.  Today, four U.S. Senators asked …

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Apple Takes Heat for Gay Cure App

Ok, now there really is an app for everything.  An organization’s new app is making waves and prompted a non-profit organization to start an online petition demanding its removal. The app is called Exodus International and is produced by the organization of the same name.  From their policy page: Exodus is a Christian organization dedicated to equipping and uniting agencies …

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Apple In-App Subscriptions Not for SaaS Apps, According to Steve Jobs

Apple’s subscription policy has been the subject of a great deal of controversy since it was introduced a week ago. It has been heavily in the spotlight this week, with app developer Readability having posted an open letter to Apple, 

In the letter, Readability creator Rich Ziade wrote:

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Readability to Apple: “Your New Policy Smacks of Greed”

The Apple subscription drama continues. Apple has rejected the Readability app, pointing to a section in its App Store Review Guidelines, which says, "Apps utilizing a system other than the In App Purchase API (IAP) to purchase content, functionality, or services in an app will be rejected."

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Groupon Pulls Controversial Ads, Apologizes Again

On Super Bowl Sunday, Groupon began running some ads that that some people found offensive. After the widespread outcries, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason posted an apology/explanation on the company’s blog. 

Still, talk of the ads has hardly died down. Conan O’Brien has been ripping into them all week long. 

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Groupon Defends Its Super Bowl Ads

Groupon made a lot of noise with its Super Bowl commercials. Initially, before they ever aired, the simple fact that they were advertising before the Super Bowl was interesting news in itself. It would give a growing company mass exposure, and potentially make it a household name. As competition mounts in the daily deals space, extending that brand lead would seem crucial. 

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Bing Accuses Google of Click Fraud

Without a doubt, the biggest storyline in search this week has been Google accusing Bing of cheating and stealing its results, Bing semi-denying this, and the back and forth that’s gone on between the two dominant search engines.

Who’s right: Bing or Google? Tell us what you think

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What Will Egypt Do Without the Internet?

Update 02/02/11: The Internet is back up in Egypt according to numerous reports.

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Google’s Open Web Advocate Talks White House Web ID Plan

As previously reported, the White House is working on a "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" or NSTIC, in which it has placed the Commerce Department in charge of an "Identity Ecosystem". The initiative has drawn a mixture of praise and criticism, and judging by our own readers’ comments, there is a whole lot of criticism. More on this here.

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Anonymous Wikileaks Avengers: We Don’t Want Your Credit Card Info or to Prevent You From Shopping

"Anonymous" is an "Internet gathering" of people that has perpetrated Operation Payback, which took down, and others, because of how they’ve handled their relationships with Wikileaks, has issued a press release in attempt to clarify what it is trying to do. 

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Amazon UK Listing Wikileaks Cables for Sale on Kindle

Update: See comments section.

The Next Web discovered that someone is selling the infamous Wikileaks cables at Amazon UK to be read on the Kindle. This is interesting for a variety of reasons. 

Reason 1 

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ChaCha CEO: We’ll Drop T-Mobile if They Implement the “Twitter Tax”

Update: Gibbs is now reporting that T-Mobile’s move only affects messaging aggregators "that serve as kind of a middleman" between businesses and carriers. Companies with direct ties to T-Mobile ( a group that includes Facebook and Twitter) will reportedly not be affected.

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Is Censoring Craigslist the Right Way to Go?

Update: The EFF has weighed in on the topic, talking about what the censoring means for free speech.

Craigslist has removed the censored box, and the adult section is just gone entirely.

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AT&T: Yep, Wireless is Different

The net neutrality debate sparked (most recently) by Google and Verizon earlier this week continues. Now AT&T has weighed in, and unsurprisingly it appears to agree with the companies.

One of the biggest controversies of the Google/Verizon policy proposal is that wireless is being treated differently. AT&T says, "Wireless is different." In a post on the company’s public policy blog, they write:

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Net Neutrality Protests Underway at Google HQ

The protesting has begun outside of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. This is in response to Google’s joint proposal with Verizon released earlier this week over net neutrality legislation. Mark Hachman posted the photo below to TwitPic.

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