This Classless Tweet Will Probably Cost Celeb Boutique Some Business [UPDATED]

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Unless you've completely avoided the internet and television today, you're aware that the early morning hours saw a devastatingly senseless and brutal crime take place in Aurora, Colorado.

During a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, a 24-year-old man opened fire on a crowded theater, killing a confirmed 12 people and injuring 38 more (including a 3-moth-old baby). According to reports, the gunman was armed with tear gas, an AR-15 knockoff, a shotgun, and two Glock handguns.

The suspect was captured without resistance.

As the nation mourns the tragedy, people have been taking to Twitter to express their grief and support for the people of Aurora. And as generally happens when the entire country is talking about one topic, a trending tag was born.

And whoever is running the Twitter account for online clothing retailer Celeb Boutique decided to jump on the trending tag of #Aurora:

Yeah, I don't think that's what people are talking about. But then again, the little winky face emoticon would suggest that they're well aware of that fact.

Have some class, people. Is it really that hard?

UPDATE: The tweet has been deleted and Celeb Boutique has labeled it a "misunderstanding":

Let's just hope this was an honest mistake.

UPDATE 2: It looks like this tale of poor taste has turned into a cautionary tale for PR people - always double check those trending topics:

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