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Cop: Obama Doesn’t Obey Constitution, Neither Do We

Special Police Officer Richard Recine had been employed at the Franklin, New Jersey police force for 36 years, but it was what he said when he was caught on camera that shot his career in the foot; he resigned on Thursday after the video went viral. In a dispute with resident Steve Wronko concerning the right to shoot film and …

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Luxury Cars Seized Can Be a Civil Liberties Issue

You’ve probably seen the ads on late night TV and in magazines. They promise that you can buy luxury cars, boats, houses, and other big ticket items for pennies on the dollar or less. The explanation is that these items used to belong to drug dealers or white collar criminals who are now behind bars. These criminals had assets that …

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NSA Gets Its Very First Privacy Officer

The NSA has always been a controversial government agency as its actions are deemed to go too far at times. Even before the Snowden leaks, people were skeptical of the agency after it was revealed that its powers were abused in the Watergate scandal. You’d think the agency would have somebody around to double check its privacy practices long before …

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Author of the PATRIOT Act: NSA Abuses Its Power

On Veteran’s Day, US House representative Jim Sesenbrenner was in Brussels, Belgium, testifying before the European Parliament at the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs about the ongoing abuse of the bill he wrote, the Patriot Act. There, he unveiled his true feelings, protesting the NSA’s mass spying, saying James Clapper should be terminated and put on trial, …

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