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Online Video Users Follow Election Closely

Cisco has released a new survey conducted by Compete about the influence of online video and social media applications on American’s political engagement.

The Internet was cited by 62 percent of respondents as a regularly used source for 2008 presidential election information and coverage, which was surpassed only by television (82%).

Traffic to popular online video sites increased fivefold in 2008 compared to 2004. About 30 percent of registered voters said they used online video to follow 2008 presidential election coverage.

Cisco Buying Messaging Provider Jabber
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CiscoCisco aims to bolster its strategy of building internal software innovations. The company announced that it is acquiring presence and messaging software provider Jabber.This is just Cisco’s latest venture into new markets following purchases of WebEx, IronPort, Securent and PostPath.

Japan Is Future Internet Ready
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It’s time for our periodic We-Suck-At-Internet rant, which entails comparing and despairing (thanks, Stewart Smalley) over how slow the Internet is in the US. Once again, Japan has us beat and is ready for next-generation applications like high-quality video streaming. But Slovenia? Lithuania? Latvia? They’re faster than us, too?

Report: Online Video To Drive IP Traffic Growth

The Internet is going to be a busy, busy place by the time 2012 rolls around.  A new report from Cisco suggests that global IP traffic will have sextupled by then, with – depending on how you look at it – online video being mostly to thank or blame.

Cisco Says It Does Not Help China Censor Web

Cisco Systems Inc. defended itself against a human rights group’s claims that the company aided Chinese officials in building a "great firewall" to block Internet user’s access to anti-government content.

Tigers Need Computer Infrastructure Too

IBM and Cisco did their part to make it easier to care for the big cats and several other species residing at North Carolina’s Carnivore Preservation Trust.

MDG Monitor Goes Into Google Earth

Last week, Google partnered with the United Nations in an effort to end global poverty.  It was truly startling to see the two entities together, and all the better since they had such a laudable goal.  The partnership may not have been too effective, though, and Google’s done something about that.

Blogworld: PR Dos & Don’ts

Lead by Sue Bohle – a few friends on the panel, including Brian Solis and John Earnhardt of Cisco. Eastman Kodak, SAP, PRWeb and BlogAds were also part of the panel.

Cisco, Google, And The U.N. Take On Poverty

Google has partnered with many companies and organizations, but a new development is far larger, and should have much more of a real-world impact, than anything we expected to see: the search giant is now working with Cisco and the United Nations to decrease global poverty.

Congress Mulls Fines For Cooperation With China

Have a seat; your hypocrisy detectors are about to blow. First the good news: The House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs passed the Global Online Freedom Act, which would penalize companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco for aiding countries like China spy on political dissidents.

DreamForce Keynote – Cisco CEO John Chambers

This week I am attending my very first Salesforce conference (DreamForce) and must admit it’s one of the largest conferences I have ever been to. Apparently there are over 7,000 people attending this conference and the Moscone Conference Center is a perfect venue to accommodate that many attendees.

Cisco Social media release
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First HP did it, now Cisco Systems has issued a Social Media Press Release. Not only is the release on the News@Cisco site, but it’s been distributed as a MarketWire press release (shown here picked up by CNN/Money—interestingly without the videos, but links to them instead).

Cisco Chides Google Over FCC Proposal
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Not that there’s a potential conflict of interest or anything, but Cisco, or at least Mary Brown, Cisco’s Director of Technology and Spectrum Policy, sounds insulted by Google’s attempt to strong arm the FCC into imposing a certain set of rules on the upcoming spectrum auction.

Google Crowned King Of Acquisitions
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Regular WebProNews readers have probably already guessed this, but for what it’s worth, a new report has confirmed all our suspicions: Google takes over more companies than just about anybody else out there.

Will The iPhone Flop?
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CrunchGear blogger Seth Porges thinks the iPhone will bomb, and he makes a good case for it, even if it seems counterintuitive at first.

Joost Names New CEO

Internet television service Joost has named Mike Volpi as their new chief executive officer. Mr. Volpi is taking over for the company’s founding CEO, Fredrik de Wahl, who will become Joost’s chief strategy officer.

Joost Names New CEO
“Joost Names New CEO”
Joost Names New CEO
Vendor Thoughts On Cisco & Web Conferencing

When Cisco made its announcement about purchasing WebEx on March 15, competing web conferencing software vendor iLinc rushed out a press release the following day, talking about the news from their perspective. This got me wondering what other vendors might have to say about theshakeup in the market. I decided to contact several of them in different niches of the industry and see what they felt like sharing.

Roundup: Cisco and WebEx Analysis

By now, any interested reader should have been able to get their fill of of news stories about the Cisco acquisition of WebEx. Overly cautious types will point out that this is not a done deal, merely a tendered offer accepted by WebEx management. WebEx shareholders could vote it down or another company could come in with a higher competitive buyout offer. The odds are tremendously low for either of those scenarios to occur.

Cisco Conferences WebEx Into An Acquisition

$3.2 billion in a cash tender offer for WebEx shares will bring the online conferencing company into Cisco’s fold.

Cisco Bets on Social Media for Marketing Strategy

In addition to their acquisiton of Five Across, which makes social-networking and forum software to help companies improve their internet marketing strategy and their communications with customers, Cisco sealed a deal this week to purchase software assets from, and acquire employees of, social-networking site operator Utah Street Networks.

The Internet’s Role In Health Care

In the last decade the Internet has had a positive impact on the way people manage their health and has helped to make them healthier. One common complaint among people is that doctors have been slow to adopt e-Health and are not offering the online health services they want.