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Live Cicada Cam Shows 17 Year Dormant Insects Invading Washington D.C.

The last time cicadas came above ground in the mid-atlantic region, gas was $1.15/gal, Ask Jeeves was released, Jerry Maguire & Independence day were the blockbuster movies of the summer. The insect oddity will be invading towns up and down the east coast as the summer wears on. With millions expected to come above ground to mate, die, then the …

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17-Year Cicadas: Expect “Shovel-Loads” To Swarm

Cicadas don’t bother some, but for many, the deafening buzzing that comes with their arrival can be a headache. Those people should prepare themselves, because scientists say that after 17 years of hibernation in the soil, a huge swarm of them is about to emerge. The bugs don’t pose a threat to humans–or much of anything, really–and actually promote substantial …

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