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New Chrome For Mac Beta Boasts Extensions

It doesn’t really help anyone that Chrome for Mac isn’t on a level with the regular version of Chrome; Mac fans must feel neglected, and Google’s missing out on a lot of potential users.  The gap between versions narrowed today, though, as a new Chrome for Mac beta with extensions and a few other upgrades was released.

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Google Chrome For Mac Beta Arrives

A little less than a month ago, we reported that a beta version of Chrome for Mac might be released in December, and sure enough, it’s arrived.  Something "[f]or Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel only" became available today.

Considering that Chrome was introduced in September of 2008, this development was a long time coming.  Google likely hurt the adoption rate of Chrome by ignoring a market segment that’s known for preferring unusual tech and trying stuff out early in its lifecycle.

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Google Chrome For Mac May Hit Beta In December

Mac users who’ve been feeling left out since the introduction of Google Chrome (which occurred way back in September of 2008) may finally be set to receive a sort of nod of inclusion.  A Mountain View-based product manager has indicated that a beta version of Chrome for Mac will launch in December.

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