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New Extension For Google Chrome

This writer thinks it’s probably safe to assume that readers here at WebProNews have at least some interest in keeping up with current events. As such, most readers are probably familiar with, an awesome news source for a variety of topics. According to the website’s “about” page, “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet …

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Ford’s Keyfree Password Manager Blows the Heads Off Competition

Ford has been desperately seeking a competitive advantage in creating an exceptional and undeniable driving experience, and their efforts have really paid off with this next innovation. Quite simple in its design, it is a Chrome extension that stores all your passwords for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many others. Combine this with a previously authorized smartphone, and you have …

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New Chrome Extension Helps the Blind Participate in Google+ Chat Hangouts

Software Engineer, Mohamed Mansour, developed a new Chrome extension called Accessible Hangouts for Google+ that makes chatting in hangouts more feasible for the blind. In the following video Mansour demonstrates his technology by holdong a chat in hangout with Ken Meadows, a veteran who lost his sight while stationed in Iraq. Every time someone talks in chat their name is …

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