Ford's Keyfree Password Manager Blows the Heads Off Competition

IT Management

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Ford has been desperately seeking a competitive advantage in creating an exceptional and undeniable driving experience, and their efforts have really paid off with this next innovation.

Quite simple in its design, it is a Chrome extension that stores all your passwords for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many others. Combine this with a previously authorized smartphone, and you have a device that automatically logs you into all of your accounts upon approaching your computer.

When combined with Ford's NFC key fobs, you get instant access to your automobile with all your favorite sites unlocked and waiting for you inside. That's truly a remarkable experience, in-car or otherwise. Getting access and staying connected is as simple as proximity; no need to remember, no need to type. It's called Ford keyfree.

Take a Look:

Forget about asking why Chevy and Chrysler don't offer this technology, why doesn't Apple or Google? It's password management technology that jumps leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, and it's from an automobile company. That's pretty damn impressive!

While it isn't available in the United States yet, it is on the way. In fact, we can expect to see a lot more innovation of this variety coming from Ford in the near future. The company has been funding a big open-source initiative and they are hungry for technology that puts the driver at the forefront of the in-car experience.

Ford recently put resources and tools in place to make collaboration, innovation, integration, and development a mutually beneficial experience. They are seeking out engineers, inventors, app developers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to help them make the automobile more interactive. They have also partnered with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many others, in hopes of bringing concepts to reality.

With their efforts so keenly focused on innovation and strategic partnership, there are bound to be a lot of developments rolling down the production line. We'll keep you informed as Ford continue to seek out new avenues for refining automobiles and our driving experience.