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Microsoft’s Surface Is Dead Last In Tablet Web Traffic Generation

It’s been speculated that Microsoft’s Surface tablet may not be doing that well. There’s not been any solid numbers yet from Redmond, but a new report out of Chitika seemingly confirms the speculation. Chitika Insights published a report this morning that looks into how much Web traffic Google’s and Microsoft’s tablets generate. It’s important to note first off that Microsoft …

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iOS Trounces Android In Web Traffic

Recent data suggests that Androids lead in smartphone market share may not be all it’s cracked up to be. According to analytics data published by Chitika Insights, Android’s share of actual mobile web traffic is far less than that of Apple’s iOS line. Chitika Insights’s Mobile Dominance tracker measures the amount of web traffic from various devices based on hits …

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Track New IPad Sales in Real Time

So, I’ve heard this new iPad thing isn’t generating much hype. You really think anyone is going to buy it? That was sarcasm. The new iPad has been touted as the greatest consumer tech product of the year by bloggers, Twitter tweeters and Apple fanciers since January. They are travelling in droves to pick up the HD iPad. Initial reviews …

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Facebook Users Click Ads Twice As Often As Twitter, Google+ Users [Report]

Update: As the study has generated some confusion, I’m going to repost the author’s explanation (which also appears in the comments) here: This study, which measures the CTR of different social network users, was conducted using a referrer based methodology. When we discuss referrer, we mean it in this way: Let’s say, for example, is a publisher on the …

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Google+ Traffic, User Count Continue Growth: More Data

The graph above is pretty much in line with the other reports and estimates we’ve been seeing regarding Google+. Google’s new social network is growing like a weed. From the looks of it, it’s growing more than ever. This week, Google+ VP, Product, Bradley Horowitz said that people will be shocked by forthcoming announcements about the service’s growth. This above …

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Should Google Be Worried about Google+?

What’s up with Google+? One day, reports say how much the service has grown, and the very next day, they say just the opposite. The unfavorable reports have even gone to the extreme to call it dead.

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FTC Settles With Chitika Over Online Ad Tracking

The Federal Trade Commission said today it has reached a settlement with online advertising company Chitika, that ends the company’s allegedly deceptive practice of tracking peoples’ activities even after they opted out of online tracking on Chitika’s website. The FTC alleged that in its privacy policy the company says that it collects data about consumers’ preferences, but allows people to …

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Report: Bing Leaps Over Yahoo in the Search Market

Chitika revealed its July search stats today, which have Bing at #2 in the search market, over partner Yahoo.

"July is over, and we have stats: in looking at the full month’s traffic, Google remains unassailable in its #1 spot, and Bing beats out Yahoo! by a few percentage points for the #2 spot," the firm says. "AOL and [Ask] continue to jockey for 4th place."

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How Important is Firefox in the Battle for Search Market Share?

Chitika has provided some very interesting search market-related findings. According to the firm, Firefox is responsible for a significant amount of Google’s share. In fact, based on the sample looked at, there were more Firefox-based Google searches than total searches from Bing or Yahoo.

It’s important to note that this isn’t representative of the entire search market, but it’s an interesting finding that may indeed have bigger implications in that market.

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