Microsoft's Surface Is Dead Last In Tablet Web Traffic Generation

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It's been speculated that Microsoft's Surface tablet may not be doing that well. There's not been any solid numbers yet from Redmond, but a new report out of Chitika seemingly confirms the speculation.

Chitika Insights published a report this morning that looks into how much Web traffic Google's and Microsoft's tablets generate. It's important to note first off that Microsoft only has one tablet out at the moment - the Surface RT - whereas Google has its two Nexus tablets. With that being said, it doesn't look that great for either of them.

Microsoft's Surface Generates Tiny Amount Of Tablet Web Traffic

As you can see, neither company is able to break even one percent of Web traffic in the US and Canada. In fact, Google is only in the lead because its Nexus 7 tablet has been out since July. If it launched this holiday season, it probably would be in a similar place.

It's kind of sad that Microsoft's Surface only makes up 0.13 percent, but it should be noted that the device has only been available for a little over a month. For a new product that's priced a little too high, the Surface is pulling in decent numbers. It will be interesting to see if its share value changes after the Surface Pro launches.

Of course, no tablet maker can compete with the iPad in terms of tablet web traffic market share. According to Chitika's November numbers, the iPad came in first place with 88 percent. Coming in second was Amazon's Kindle Fire with only 3.6 percent. Getting even one percent of the market is quite a feat and one that Google is about to achieve. With only two overpriced tablets, it remains to be seen if Microsoft can do the same.