iOS Trounces Android In Web Traffic

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Recent data suggests that Androids lead in smartphone market share may not be all it's cracked up to be. According to analytics data published by Chitika Insights, Android's share of actual mobile web traffic is far less than that of Apple's iOS line.

Chitika Insights's Mobile Dominance tracker measures the amount of web traffic from various devices based on hits to the company's numerous ads across the web. In the past similar data has been used to measure iOS's web traffic against OS X's, and to track the adoption rates of the new iPad in real time. Chitika data showed that the new iPad rapidly came to account for 6% of all iPad web traffic, and more recently demonstrated that the adoption of the new iPad was heaviest in coastal states (where median income is higher).

According to the iOS vs. Android data, Android's dominance in terms of market share does not translate into higher web traffic. Chitika's data shows that the iOS platform enjoys a huge advantage over the Android platform in that area.

iOS vs. Android Web Traffic

iOS vs. Android Web Traffic

Is it possible that Android is on its way down? Does the difference in web traffic mean that iOS could take market share back from Android? Let us know what you think in the comments.