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Group Predicting Facebook Entry Into China Grows

A lot has been said in the past few weeks about Facebook entering China, and this morning, another expert expressed his opinion that the social network will at some point make an entrance.  Gady Epstein, the Beijing bureau chief for Forbes, even used a form of the word "inevitable" to describe the move.

Baidu Exec Calls For Facebook To Enter China
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A couple words of caution: Baidu doesn’t speak for the Chinese government, and no one’s hinted that any sort of formal alliance exists between Baidu and Facebook.  A high-ranking Baidu spokesperson has said he’d like to see Facebook operate in China, however.

Google Slides To Third Place In Chinese Online Ad Market

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Baidu’s beaten Google in China, and all of Google’s efforts to reverse that fact haven’t accomplished much.  Unfortunately for the company, those efforts also failed to hold off another rival, as a new report puts Alibaba ahead of Google in the online ad market.

Google Exec: China “Heart Of The Future Of The Internet”

Despite hacking incidents, harsh criticisms, various threats, and all other sorts of unpleasantness, Google still has high hopes for its operations in China and the country in general.  One exec described it today as "the heart of the future of the Internet," and another revealed that the company’s revenue in China has increased.

China Prepared To Prosecute Google Over Maps
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Seven months from now, another confrontation between Google and the Chinese government may well occur.  The government’s indicated that it intends to take legal action against Google if the company doesn’t seek (and obtain) official approval of its mapping program.

Google Renews Focus On Growth In China

Since the Chinese government hasn’t decided to force it out, Google’s going to move forward in the country, according to a high-ranking exec.  David Drummond said this week that Google is making an effort to hire more workers and attract new advertisers.

China Blocks Google’s Latest Hong Kong-Based Site

Google’s new question and answer site for people in China is not off to a great start.  Although the site was based in Hong Kong for the sake of avoiding problems related to censorship, would-be users have been unable to access it today.

Chinese Advertisers Break Away From Google

Despite the Chinese government’s decision to renew Google’s Internet Content Provider license, the company is continuing to run into trouble in that country.  The latest problem is that two of Google’s authorized advertising agents have ended their relationships with the corporation.

Google Readies Hong Kong-Based Q&A Site

Although many human rights and free speech advocates may not approve of the concessions the company’s made, it looks like Google’s attempt to stand up to the Chinese government is continuing.  Google is supposed to launch a new Q&A service to compete with other products it will stop supporting.

State Media Targets Baidu Over Counterfeit Drug Ads

Chinese search giant Baidu may be in trouble.  China Central Television (CCTV) – which is state-owned and easily the country’s largest broadcaster – has accused the company of allowing sites that deal in counterfeit drugs to buy ads.

China Renews Google’s Internet License
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After months and months of censorship, workarounds, and harsh words between them, it’s been decided: the Chinese government will not force Google out of the country.  Google announced this morning that its Internet Content Provider license has been renewed.

Google’s announcement was quite understated, with no gloating evident.  Indeed, it just came in the form of a one-sentence update to the most recent China-related post on the Official Google Blog.

Google’s New Plan for China
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We haven’t heard much about the Google/China situation lately, but now Google’s Internet Content Provider license is up for renewal, so Google has provided an update.

On the Official Google Blog,SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond says:

Map Licensing Law May Spell Trouble For Google In China
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Google may soon find out whether or not the Chinese government is at peace with its decision to redirect searchers to Google.com.hk, judging by a new report.  It turns out the company must soon receive official approval to keep its mapping services running in the country.

Google Rallies Again Against Chinese Censorship
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If you thought Google and China had achieved some kind of ceasefire agreement after Google pulled its stunt involving Google.hk.com, think again.  David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer at the company, indicated today that Google’s seeking political allies who might joins its fight against censorship.

Baidu Sets Sights On Market Share Of 79 Percent

Baidu’s share of the Chinese search market is going to get much bigger quite soon, if the company has its way.  An exec explained this morning that Baidu would like to see its share reach 79 percent next year.

Taobao And Yahoo Japan Partner On Ecommerce
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China’s top ecommerce website Taobao and Yahoo Japan have partnered to launch two online platforms to cross sell in each other’s markets.

The partnership will allow Yahoo Japan merchants to list some eight million items in a Chinese-language TaoJapan section.

Taobao, a subsidiary of ecommerce firm Alibaba group, will offer 50 million products from China to Japanese consumers on Yahoo Japan’s China Mall. The two platforms will launch on June 1.

Baidu Reports Good Q1 Results, High Hopes For Q2
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Assuming they haven’t already done so, it wouldn’t be surprising if Baidu’s execs decide to send some thank you notes and fruit baskets to their counterparts at Google.  Baidu released its first-quarter earnings report late yesterday, and – due in large part to Google’s recent moves – the last few months went well, and the future looks even brighter.

US Still Main Source Of Spam

The United States continues to be the main source of spam, relaying more than 13 percent of global spam, according to a new report from Sophos.

Google Loses Chinese Exec To Baidu

It’s almost a waste of space to state that Google is a good employer; the fact is widely known, and people all over the world apply there on a regular basis.  However, in a move that may speak to how the search giant is faring in China, an important research executive has gone to work for Baidu after quitting Google within the past couple weeks.

Chinese Block On Google’s Mobile Services Lifted
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It’s seemed possible for a while now that the Chinese government would attempt to cripple Google’s operations in the country.  Or that, in response to Google’s stand against censorship, authorities would at least hold a grudge for years to come.  But Google seems to have won a small reprieve, as mobile accessibility issues have been resolved.

Game Over For Google In China?
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Google’s term as a search provider in China may at last be coming to an end.  Reports from all over the country indicate that would-be users are only getting error messages when they conduct searches, even if their queries cover completely bland and innocent terms.