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Social Media Involvement Greater in China than U.S. Social Media Involvement Greater in China than U.S.
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Due to the large population discrepancy, it probably won’t surprise anyone that China has more broadband users that the United States.  What might surprise you is just how much more active the Chinese are online, especially when it comes to …

China: U.S. Internet Freedom Not So Great Either China: U.S. Internet Freedom Not So Great Either

Every year, the United States government releases a report on the state of human rights around the world.  This year, like many others, the United States called out China for various wrongdoings – one such problem being “The Great Firewall” …

Google Linked To (Alleged) Tax Violations In China

It’s a good bet that Googlers who believed the corporation should leave China are now saying “I told you so” to those who argued it should stay.  Today, there’s word of yet another problem in the country, as three local …

Leading Chinese Portal Dumps Google

There’s bad news for Google in China this month as the country’s largest Web portal has stopped using (and thereby promoting) Google’s main product.  Sina will now rely on search technology of its own rather than allow Google’s search engine …

Google Blames China For Blocked Gmail Service

Chinese Gmail users – and Gmail itself – appear to be facing a sort of threat from the Chinese government once again.  Google’s gone on the record stating that fresh connection and usability problems have cropped up in the past …

iPad 2 Scalped in New York City iPad 2 Scalped in New York City
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Just how badly do you want the new iPad 2? Some New Yorkers are having to ask themselves that question as Asian scalpers have taken up residence outside the flagship Apple store on 5th Avenue at 59th.  With demand thoroughly …

GaoPeng (The Chinese Groupon) Makes Its Debut
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Groupon announced today that the Chinese group-buying portal GaoPeng.com is officially live today. The portal is funded by Groupon,  Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital, and is now accepting email registrations. Deals will premier on the service in March. 

Bing-Alibaba Relationship Stumbles In China

It looks like Microsoft isn’t going to defy Google and Baidu and achieve a great victory in China anytime soon.  Three and a half months after it began, a partnership involving Bing and a search engine owned by Alibaba has already ended.

To be fair, little is known about the situation, and it could have been someone at Microsoft who pulled the plug.  The comments of one Microsoft representative hint that a corporate memo didn’t exactly go around, however.

Alibaba Makes Major Logistics Investments in Chinese Market

Alibaba announced plans to build a network of warehouses across China, and drive major investment in logistics in that country, with the aim of allowing merchants to meet growing domestic consumption. 

Google Sees Search Ad Gain In China

Early last year, it looked like Google might leave (or get kicked out) of China.  Then, in a business sense, the best-case scenario appeared to be a series of embarrassing losses to Baidu.  But a new report from Analysys International indicates that Google’s share of search advertising revenue in China may have stabilized at a respectable level.

Facebook Reference Appears On Chinese Social Network
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Before diving in, we should perhaps remind everyone that trademarks don’t mean a lot in China.  Knockoffs of all sorts are produced in massive quantities.  But not long after Mark Zuckerberg toured the country and met with business leaders, Facebook’s name has been spotted in connection with a Chinese social network.

PayPal Plans China Expansion
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Different estimates put China’s population in the neighborhood of 1.3 billion people, and soon enough, PayPal intends to start helping them do business worldwide.  PayPal will open an ecommerce hub in Chongqing with the local government’s blessing.

This won’t be a simple matter of encouraging people to use the online payment system when making purchases and accept it when making sales.  Instead, it looks like the company means to interact with merchants in a number of ways, presumably earning their respect and loyalty in the process.

Group Predicting Facebook Entry Into China Grows

A lot has been said in the past few weeks about Facebook entering China, and this morning, another expert expressed his opinion that the social network will at some point make an entrance.  Gady Epstein, the Beijing bureau chief for Forbes, even used a form of the word "inevitable" to describe the move.

Baidu Exec Calls For Facebook To Enter China
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A couple words of caution: Baidu doesn’t speak for the Chinese government, and no one’s hinted that any sort of formal alliance exists between Baidu and Facebook.  A high-ranking Baidu spokesperson has said he’d like to see Facebook operate in China, however.

Google Slides To Third Place In Chinese Online Ad Market

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Baidu’s beaten Google in China, and all of Google’s efforts to reverse that fact haven’t accomplished much.  Unfortunately for the company, those efforts also failed to hold off another rival, as a new report puts Alibaba ahead of Google in the online ad market.

Google Exec: China “Heart Of The Future Of The Internet”

Despite hacking incidents, harsh criticisms, various threats, and all other sorts of unpleasantness, Google still has high hopes for its operations in China and the country in general.  One exec described it today as "the heart of the future of the Internet," and another revealed that the company’s revenue in China has increased.

China Prepared To Prosecute Google Over Maps
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Seven months from now, another confrontation between Google and the Chinese government may well occur.  The government’s indicated that it intends to take legal action against Google if the company doesn’t seek (and obtain) official approval of its mapping program.

Google Renews Focus On Growth In China

Since the Chinese government hasn’t decided to force it out, Google’s going to move forward in the country, according to a high-ranking exec.  David Drummond said this week that Google is making an effort to hire more workers and attract new advertisers.

China Blocks Google’s Latest Hong Kong-Based Site

Google’s new question and answer site for people in China is not off to a great start.  Although the site was based in Hong Kong for the sake of avoiding problems related to censorship, would-be users have been unable to access it today.

Chinese Advertisers Break Away From Google

Despite the Chinese government’s decision to renew Google’s Internet Content Provider license, the company is continuing to run into trouble in that country.  The latest problem is that two of Google’s authorized advertising agents have ended their relationships with the corporation.

Google Readies Hong Kong-Based Q&A Site

Although many human rights and free speech advocates may not approve of the concessions the company’s made, it looks like Google’s attempt to stand up to the Chinese government is continuing.  Google is supposed to launch a new Q&A service to compete with other products it will stop supporting.