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“Heaven Is For Real” Countered By Atheist Gene Weingarten’s “Me & Dog”

Heaven Is For Real may be a best selling book, but now it has some competition from a children’s book by an atheist author. Gene Weingarten says his book Me & Dog was written as an “antidote” to Heaven Is For Real which he called “a foul load of phony, credulous, opportunistic crap by a pastor named Todd Burpo, whose …

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Keith Richards Is Releasing A Children’s Book This Fall

While it may seem like an odd move to a number of people, Keith Richards is writing a children’s book. It had been a rumor for a little while, which certainly got some people excited, and the news has finally been confirmed. Keith Richards has had a bit of a wild life, to put it mildly, as one of the …

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Nina Bawden Dies at 87, British Children’s Author

If you have ever read the 1993 Phoenix Award-winning book Carrie’s War or The Peppermint Pig, you have read the works of the wonderfully talented Nina Bawden, a Children’s author from the UK who unfortunately died today (August 22nd, 2012) at the age of 87. Nina Bawden, born and raised in Ilford, Essex in the UK, attended Somerville College in …

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Video Games Turned into Children’s Books

Enjoy these new versions of classic children’s books courtesy of Loldwell. Perfect for parents complaining that their children are playing to many video games and not reading enough. I’m not exactly sure where they’re going with “If You Give a Link a Cucco”. Hopefully he’s not going to eat it and ask for a glass of milk. Illustrations by Caldwell …

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