Child Molester Articles

‘Ted 2′ Drops Stephen Collins; Actor Allegedly Molested Young Girls

After the release of a controversial audio recording concerning the actor, the comedy film Ted 2 reportedly fired Stephen Collins. Ted 2, helmed by Seth MacFarlane, decided not to involve Collins in the film after news broke that the actor …

Wade Robson: Nervous Breakdown Preceded Molestation Claims
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In the 2005, when Michael Jackson was on trial for molestation charges, Wade Robson defended the King of Pop in court, stating that Jackson never molested him or anyone he knew. Since that time, Robson has gone on to become …

California Teacher Faces Charges For Feeding Children Semen
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Authorities began investigating a third grade teacher at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, California last year after being tipped-off by a local film developer. Strange pictures of children blindfolded with bugs in their mouths, cockroaches on their faces, and …