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Teen Parents Allow 2-Year-Old Son To Smoke Pot

What is it that drives some people to experiment on defenseless people or animals? How about their own children? An abundant curiosity paired with immense carelessness? In Mayville, New York, two teenage parents and a grandfather decided it was worth it to force their nearly 2-year-old to smoke marijuana, Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office reported on Friday. The toddler’s father, George …

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Allen Iverson: Ex Wants Child Support Upfront

Allen Iverson, father of five, is waiting on a ruling from the court system on whether or not he should pay his ex, Tawanna Turner, upfront for the next 13 years. Iverson dodged jail time less than two months ago by giving Turner $40,000 in owed child support. Iverson apparently failed to pay because he felt they could reconcile. After …

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Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old, Lands On Top Of Her After Suicide Attemp

South Korea has a problem with rampant suicide in their country, with it being the leading cause of death among 15-24 demographic. While this is a sad fact in and of itself, one suicide became an even more heartbreaking tragedy. A 39 year-old man jumped to his death from a 11-story building, killing a 5 year old girl who was …

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Tornado Kills Mom While Protecting Her Daughter

Have you ever heard a parent tell you that they would die so their child could live? A mother in Florida actually did die protecting her daughter on June 25th. As tropical storm Debby was barely anything with just 45 mph winds. A tornado was produced that ripped Heather Town’s house off of its foundation and then proceeded to throw …

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Facebook In School: Social Media Scrutinized

Facebook is often at the center of controversy, especially when it comes to pre-teens and their involvement of the social media tool in school. As reported recently, teachers and students alike find themselves in hot water as a result of Facebook use at school. Some learning facilities have even banned the use of social media in the past, according to …

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