Allen Iverson: Ex Wants Child Support Upfront


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Allen Iverson, father of five, is waiting on a ruling from the court system on whether or not he should pay his ex, Tawanna Turner, upfront for the next 13 years. Iverson dodged jail time less than two months ago by giving Turner $40,000 in owed child support. Iverson apparently failed to pay because he felt they could reconcile.

After battling in court numerous times, Iverson has a record of failing to pay this lump already. It wasn't until Iverson was threatened with jail time, that he decided to pay her the owed amount, and NOT go to jail. Not only was Iverson in court for his lack of paying child support, but he was alleged by the courts and his ex in July that he abducted his children when refusing to return them, which he denied. Allen Iverson said on the Mo’nique show in July 2008, before youngest baby Dream arrived, “I’ve got four kids and one on the way. I’m the coach in that house. If I’m not setting a good example, then I’m failing as a father. That’s the last thing I’d want to do is fail my kids.” Tawanna has sole legal and primary physical custody of their children. Father of the year right?

Tired and angry, Turner has now asked the courts for Iverson to pay up for the next 13 years worth upfront, totaling over $1.2 million. For an ex All-Star NBA player, this seems like pocket change.

Iverson is stacked with athletic credentials including: former No. 1 overall pick out of Georgetown, the 1997 Rookie of the Year, the 2001 MVP, a three-time All-NBA First-Team selection and a four-time scoring champion. Iverson's has not played in the NBA since 2010 and his professional career ended in 2011 playing in Turkey. Over the course of 1996 to 2010, he made over $150 million in his NBA career.

According to divorce documents revealed in December, Iverson has some serious financial issues. Not to mention, is preparing to retire very soon, according to SlamOnline.

Depending on the courts ruling, Iverson could face essentially paying Turner child support in its entirety now, instead of making payments through October 2026, when their youngest turns 18 years old. Allen has five children: oldest daughter Tiaura (b. 1995), son, Allen II (b. 1998), another son, named Isaiah, and second youngest daughter, named Messiah Lauren born in 2005. Dream Alijha is the youngest, born October 7, 2008.

Turner plans to put this money in a trust for all the children. The courts as of yet, have not ruled on this decision.