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Foursquare Jumps on the Coupon Bandwagon

Foursquare has a new plan to get money, and it seems like they believe they can do it better than Groupon. That’s right, they are offering local coupon deals. They’re making a move on Groupon’s not-so-stellar profits. User’s must check-in at the local establishment to unlock the power of the deal, but will that be enough to attract others to …

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Foursquare Launches Check-In History Pages

Foursquare today launched a brand-new history page feature on its site. The feature lists user’s past check-ins and is fully searchable. In addition, check-ins can be filtered by month or year, by the type of venue, by neighborhood, by city, by country, or even by who was also checked-in at a location. Each check-in in the list can be clicked …

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Foursquare Users Can Now Instantly Verify Businesses

Geolocation platform foursquare offers its merchant users all sorts of perks, and now businesses can instantly verify themselves for a flat $10 fee. The snail mail process of verification can sometimes take up to a month, and now merchants can register their stores instantaneously at the foursquare for business page. From there, merchants can verify that they manage the business, …

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Highlight CEO: We Have the Potential to Be the Next Twitter, Foursquare

Ambient social networking is taking the world by storm as startups such as Highlight are beginning to resonate with people. In case “ambient social networking” is new to you, it is a location phenomenon that runs silently in the background on mobile devices and notifies users if friends or acquaintances enter their vicinity. “It seems like a subtle thing, but …

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T-Mobile Introduces FamilyWhere Check-In

T-Mobile has just unveiled its FamilyWhere Check-In app, a free feature of the FamilyWhere service. The FamilyWhere service is exclusive to T-Mobile customers, and can be downloaded from the Android Market. According to Comscore, last March over 16 million U.S. mobile subscribers used a “check-in” service, to mark their their locations with their phones. FamilyWhere allows T-Mobile customers to send …

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