Foursquare Jumps on the Coupon Bandwagon

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Foursquare has a new plan to get money, and it seems like they believe they can do it better than Groupon. That's right, they are offering local coupon deals. They're making a move on Groupon's not-so-stellar profits.

User's must check-in at the local establishment to unlock the power of the deal, but will that be enough to attract others to the location? We will find out in July when they launch their new app that lets merchants take advantage of the service.

I guess the value of Square is that you don't have to go through extra steps like printing, you just scan them right off your phone in the store. Walgreens is one of the first businesses to take advantage of the service. Do you think Foursquare can outdo Groupon trying to make money off theses offers? Perhaps the necessary check-in will make all the difference.