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Darwin’s Frog Species Believed Extinct

A species of frog named after Charles Darwin is thought to have gone extinct, due to a deadly amphibian skin disease. The ironically named Darwin’s Frogs, native to the forest streams of Chile and Argentina, are thought to have succumbed completely to a fungal skin disease called chytridiomycosis. The frog was first cataloged by by French Zoologist Andr√© Marie Constant …

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Check Out These Beautiful Images Of The Galapagos Islands On Google Street View

Back in May, Google said that its Street View team traveled to the Galapagos Islands to capture panoramic images of the place that inspired Charles Darwin to pin his initial theory of evolution. Now on the 178th anniversary of Darwin’s discovery of the islands, Google has partnered with the The Charles Darwin Foundation, the Catlin Seaview Survey and the Directorate …

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Charles Darwin Wrong About Coral Atolls, Shows Study

Though Charles Darwin is known as the father of modern biology, evolutionary biologists are well aware that he got many aspects of evolution wrong. In particular, with no knowledge of genetics Darwin was left to speculate heavily on the mechanisms of evolutionary change. Now, geologists have discovered another hypothesis on which Darwin was not entirely right. According to a LiveScience …

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