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MySpace Expands Executive Roster

As part of the shakeup that ousted co-founder Chris DeWolfe and ushered in former Project Playlist and Facebook’s Owen Van Natta as the new CEO, MySpace has expanded its management team with two key hires. Michael Jones who comes from Userplane and AOL has been named Chief Operating Officer and Jason Hirschhorn joins as Chief Product Officer after a stints at Sling Media and MTV Networks.

From the press release:

MySpace To Be Under New Management Shortly

Despite once being Rupert Murdoch’s golden boy, it appears MySpace founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe has fallen out of favor. News Corp has announced that DeWolfe will be stepping down "in the near future" and will be left with a role on the board of MySpace China and perhaps some other adviser role.

Poll Shows That CEOs Constantly Think About Company Reputation

New research from Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross and the Weber Shandwick team suggests company executives are well aware of the importance of a spotless reputation–and just how easily they can personally screw it up!

New Yahoo CEO’s Salary Based ‘Mostly’ On Performance

Let me walk you through my two reactions to learning about the compensation package for newly appointed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.


Yahoo Continues Search For New CEO

What type of CEO do you think Yahoo needs? Calm and steady, or someone with more flair and willing to take risks?

According to the WSJ, Yahoo could be close to choosing a CEO that’s a safe bet, rather than a gamble.

AP CEO Declares War On Internet

Tom Curley said the news organization will come after anyone using its content without paying for that privilege.

Facebook CEO on Beacon

For the first time in over a year, there’s a serious enough issue with Facebook that CEO Mark Zuckerberg was compelled to write on the company blog (normally handled by lesser underlings developers and directors).

Facebook Facing CEO Woes

Mark Zuckerberg’s foray into being the top executive at a company with a $15 billion valuation has been dismaying to Facebook users and advertisers.

A Chat with Robert Bergquist, CEO of Widemile

A little while back I got the chance to speak with Robert Bergquist, CEO of widemile (specializing in multivariate testing and optimization – based in Seattle).

Ex-AOL CEO Emerges At Clickable

Jonathan Miller has reappeared on the Internet scene, this time as a member of the board of directors for online search ad management startup, Clickable.

Longjumping your Workflow?

Longjump recently won a DemoGod award so I wanted to see what caught Chris Shipley’s eye (she’s the one who organizes the excellent Demo Conference). Here Longjump’s CEO, Pankaj Malviya shows me Longjump, which is aimed at small businesses.

Inside the Online Video Ad Industry with YuMe

Since tons of people are coming into the online video business it’s good to know about how the money is going to show up.

Adobe CEO Bails Out Fast

Bruce Chizen abruptly became the ex-CEO of Adobe, with current president and COO Shantanu Narayen named to replace him at the beginning of December.

Publicis CEO Predicts End Of Advertising Bubble

Our economy isn’t in such rough shape that food has become unobtainable.  Internet ad revenues may be in short supply, however, and a lot of people and companies could encounter problems as a result.

Socialtext Gets $9.5 Million And New CEO
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When a company gets a new CEO, it can be a good thing or a bad thing, but when the new CEO was educated at Harvard and MIT, and worked at Adobe and Cisco, it’s probably a great thing.  Even better since the new CEO – Eugene Lee – is getting a fresh $9.5 million to play with at Socialtext.

Mandriva CEO Blasts Ballmer Over Nigeria Deal
Technorati – Bullies, Struggles

Technorati has had its ups and downs, as have we all. In August, their then-CEO Dave Sifry stepped down, leaving the position vacant. Last week, they finally replaced him with new CEO & President, Richard Jalichandra. He comes with a ringing endorsement from Sifry, who is still head of Technorati’s board of directors.

Microsoft CEO Says Google Reads Your Email

The last thing search giant Google needs right now is any suggestion that it has become all knowing, all seeing. The company is trying to get its DoubleClick deal approved, so comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer won’t help.

Microsoft CEO Says Google Reads Your Mail
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Ask an average guy on the street, and, assuming he’s not a conspiracy theorist, he’ll tell you that the only people who read an email are listed in the “to” and “from” address boxes.  But Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has stated that information sent through Gmail is read by Google, too.

Ballmer Still Doesn’t Get Social Networking

A few years ago I wrote to Microsoft’s leadership and asked them why they weren’t involved in the new Web 2.0 space. I got an answer back that was about 2,000 words long and included the words “business value” 13 times. Translation: Microsoft’s leadership thought that Web 2.0 and social software like Flickr didn’t have business value and was too much of a potential fad to invest in.